Monday, May 19, 2014

Congratulation Graduates

Congratulations to Boston College's newest Alumni, the Class of 2014. Enjoy the day and be sure to thank your parents and loved ones.


Fenwick 111 said...

I attended the graduation ceremony and loved seeing all the graduates look so happy.
Having a live Eagle fly above the crowd during the Anthem is pretty amazing (for those who have never seen it). He flew outside the stadium but came back into control of his handlers shortly thereafter.
The campus looks beautiful. The new buildings are exquisite. Nice to know that the vast majority of our senior athletes were getting their diplomas having actually earned them with real courses.

JBQ said...

BC has a proud tradition to be sure. However, the issue with John Kerry will come back to bite the hind quarters of Father Leahy. There is no doubt of the beauty of the campus. Facetiously, the reservoir should be sodded over and everything would be perfect.

mod34b said...
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Claver2010 said...

wasn't there but apparently his handler was on shea and it was planned