Sunday, May 04, 2014

William Green's story and other links

This feature on William Green is making the rounds and worth the read. As we know, Green washed out with Browns due to his off the field distractions and not his ability on the field. It seems like he has his life together now.

Baseball lost their series finale to Pitt. The team is now 9-18 in ACC play and only has one ACC series -- against Clemson -- left.

Remember former basketball player Dallas Elmore? His BC career was never what he thought it would be and neither has his post-BC career. I hope after the article, someone from BC reconnects with him and helps him finish his degree. 

Women's Lacrosse beat BU.

Softball closed their season with a loss to Notre Dame. They finished the season 30-22 and 12-14 in the ACC.


Big Jack Krack said...

I remember that everyone at BC seemed to like William Green - nice guy in spite of his upbringing, etc.

It's too bad we couldn't have done more to prepare him for what was to come, although I know it's a two way street.

I always wondered what kind of student he was, and of course he left early for the draft. I don't remember anyone else leaving early before him, but I may be wrong. Certainly not many, for sure.

Glad he seems to be more at peace.

mod34b said...

Great story on William Green.

"He watched both of his parents die of AIDS, his father, when Green was 12, and his mother about a year later. After their deaths he was separated from his brothers and sisters because nobody in the family could afford to take in five children."

Tough stuff.

Glad to see him doing well now.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Good story on Dallas Elmore. Maybe BC needs to bring in Matt Foley to speak to these kids so they don't wind up living in a van down by the river after they drop out of school - Elmore made it through his junior year and dropped out. He should come back to Boston and finish his degree.

Hoib said...

Too bad about Dallas he played hard but was a tweeter in the ACC. He could have overcome that but, couldn't consistently hit the 3. I fear the same situation for Owens if he can develop a consistent 3 ball he'll be ok, otherwise he'll struggle like Dallas. Hope I'm wrong.

JBQ said...

Nice story today on Ryan Quigley. As the Jets punter, he wore number 1. Newly signed Michael Vick wanted the number and paid him 10K. Quigley donated the money to Teen Angel of Myrtle Beach, his home town, and Boys and Girls Clubs of New York.