Monday, June 30, 2014

Addazio's message

I didn't comment when it debuted two weeks ago, but I wanted to revisit Addazio's Youtube clips. There a good underlying message in them, with this one focusing on accountability. Is it a little cliche? Sure, but the theme of the message is true and Addazio delivers it in a believable manner. It is refreshing to have a coach who can shape and deliver this sort of message.

My only concern about the whole things is the lack of views. BC's official Youtube page posted the clip two weeks ago. In that time only 1,100 have viewed the clip. This is the type of clip that should go to every BC fan and every recruit and be in the tens of thousands of views after two weeks. Addazio's willingness to be the face of the program is valuable. Let's not waste such a great asset.


Btoal said...

The life after football video posted by BC Athletics is tremendous, yet it only has about 90 views. Like the improved effort with social media, but seems like the Athletic Departkent has always struggled, and continues to struggle, with marketing.

Hoib said...

This guy's great. I hope we can keep him.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'd play for the guy. "Play" means giving one's all during practice, as well as games - and doing one's best to be a young man with accountability off the field and in the classroom, and in social settings.

You can have fun, of course - but don't strtch the limits etc.