Monday, June 23, 2014

BC needs to make four-year scholarship official

Because of our commitment to graduation rates, BC usually honors scholarships over four years. But with other private schools making it a formal stance, BC should probably follow suit. 

The NCAA rules allow for one year, renewable scholarships. This technically means that any player can be dropped from a team year to year. Now even the coldest and most cynical of coaches and teams (like Saban) don't just cut players who underperform. They usually encourage transferring or find some medical excuse to get them off the team but still receive a free education.  

Making something formal that we already practice doesn't seem like a big leap. BC should do it for the PR advantage and for recruiting purposes. We sell the BC experience and the BC education. Offering a four year scholarship just reinforces that position. 


Scott said...

USC is only guaranting scholarships for football & basketball, but not the non-revenue sports.

BC can certainly do this as symbolic gesture (assuming morality/conduct escape clause), but no one can serious impune BC's integrity given our long-standing commitment to graduating all our players.

I suspect USC was forced into this with all the roster churning they did to mitigate the impact of sanctions.

Additionally, given that this move is a form competition, it may marginally improve USC's defense against certain antitrust collusion allegations.

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