Sunday, August 31, 2014

BC vs Pitt a history

Although there isn't a lot of passion around our series with Pitt, there is plenty of history. The teams first played each other in 1959 and then faced off fairly consistently as both were eastern independents. After the formation of the Big East Football conference, the teams played annually until 2004. Pitt leads the series with 16 wins, but both teams dominated long stretches of the matchup. Since we won most of the Pitt games since I became a real BC fan, I only tend to remember the losses and their importance. Two truly standout.

BC played Pitt on Halloween in one of ESPN's Thursday night games. This was at a time when Thursday night games were a huge deal. BC seemed to be in a daze the whole night and there were plenty of missed tackles and blown assignments. The performance was so bad that rumors started spreading that some players purposely threw the game. That wasn't the case, but the gossip and investigation led to the infamous "Gambling Scandal."

At the time this we didn't know the importance of the loss, but it would cost us a Fiesta Bowl appearance as much as the loss to Syracuse did in the season finale (the Panthers actually won the Big East's BCS slot by virtue of a four-way tie). BC came back to tie the game late in the fourth during a huge day for Paul Peterson. However, TOB played for OT on the final possession and we lost in OT. It was a bitter way to end it all since we had lost to Pitt two years earlier on sloppy Heinz Field while TOB played it to conservatively.

As we renew the series, I know it won't all be easy, but I hope the rare losses are less painful or impactful.


mod34b said...

off topic

Bc did well in getting rookies into NFL

IN: Nate Freese, Andre WIlliams, KPL, Kasim Edabali, Kaleb Ramsey (sort of)

cut: Rettig, Patchan, Cleary, White, ALJ, Sinovec?,

mod34b said...

Pitt: basically WVU in different colors. but an upgrade over Maryland

NEDofSavinHill said...

Fridays game should be fun. We'll get a much better picture of this team after that contest. Pitt is a substantial upgrade over UMass. Attended the UMass game. They looked strong. They overpowered their opponents. They looked well coached and well disciplined. They gave up only 7 points. During Daz's tenure MA has played a full game four times ( Villanova, Wake USC and UMass).The D is surrendering only 16 points per game in that span. He may be the magic ingredient that makes that unit stout all season. Last season the QB position produced 150 yards passing a game. Murphy appears to have the same game management skills and passing skills of Rettig. He adds a quantum leap in athleticism. Look for the total offense from that position to be well over 200 per match. They came within one play of 8 wins last year. Why not double digits this year?

Big Jack Krack said...

It would be great for us to win this game.

PITT is a tough opponent and a victory will be meaningful on our resume.

Plus - we owe them for the last three games. This is a great game for Boston to begin the college season.

Labor Day Weekend games are tough and weird, too, so you can't really count that.

BC-UMASS was like a pre-season game, with no disrespect for the Minutemen intended.

BarraCuda said...

One of thew few football highlights of the four seasons during which I was a student (1987-1990) was the 34-31 win over Pitt in 1988, when Mike Power engineered a late 4th quarter drive, culminating in a perfect strike to Marcus Cherry in the end zone on a play in which Power stood in and took an absolutely vicious shot from a Pitt blitzer. My friends and I used to joke that Mike Power must wear Hanlon's shoes (because he had happy feet) but on that play he was the man. One of the gutsiest throws I've ever seen.

I for one welcome the return of Pitt to the football schedule.