Monday, August 25, 2014

Captains announced and other links

BC announced their 2014 Captains. They are Josh Bordner, Sean Duggan, Andy Gallik and Dominique Williams. It is an interesting collection and I always appreciate when it is not the best players elected captain (other than Gallik, I wouldn't say the others are obvious choices based on past performance). I hope that the honor means that the team thinks these guys are ready for a big season or that they are putting thought into the vote and electing true examples for team leadership. Or hopefully both and these captain are good guys ready to have great seasons. I know that the tradition and legacy is drilled into these players, so I am sure they are all honored.

Tim Joy injured his knee and will miss the entire season. Fortunately we have depth at Linebacker. I wish him a full recovery and hopefully he can redshirt and play two more years.

UMass released their depth chart for the game. BC's is floating out on message boards, but the official chart has yet to be released.


Peanut said...

How are any of you locals getting tickets to this game? I just looked on stubhub and they're charging up the asshole.

Tim said...

Are you talking about this weekend's game? Just buy them on the BC website at face value ($30).

Kash86 said...

I paid the extra $20 bucks per ticket to get the club seating and they included a parking pass directly next to the stadium.

Bought them through BC

Tim said...

Duggan joins a long line of St. Xavier (Cincinnati) alumni who have captained the Eagles, including Pat Ross (2005), Nick Larkin (2007), Alex Albright (2010), and Luke Kuechly (2011).