Sunday, August 10, 2014

Skinner's name floated for job and other links

College of Charleston is looking for a new coach after the abrupt dismissal of Doug Wojcik. Of course Al is getting mentioned. The favorite is C of C grad Anthony Johnson. I don't expect Skinner to get the job, but I think he'd be perfect. Plus who else are they going to get on such short notice?

Chase Rettig got extended playing time in the Packers' preseason game. It wasn't a great showing.

This article on Baker and Troy Flutie is a few days old but worth the read. Troy's recruitment and potential position has been a loaded issue from Day 1. It looks like he is handling it well. Let's hope he develops but isn't forced into playing this year.

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Napolean Bonaparte said...

Troy Flutie is a gamer and the real deal. Not sure why his recruitment wasn't more heralded. The kid was a better HS QB than his uncle, broke a bunch of records and played in a very decent big school league. He's very smart and very athletic. It would not surprise me in the least to see him start someday.