Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We have a name for our gold, but where is "SuperFan Yellow?"

My BC catalog arrived Tuesday, which is like Christmas around here. I don't actually buy anything and I could already look up 99% of the stuff online, but getting it in flimsy, old school magazine page style form is still exciting. I go over each item and think "I'd wear that." I also read all the descriptions, which is how I finally realized we have a name for the gold BC uses. According to the Follet Company (publishers of the catalog) our khaki-like, sort of muted gold is called "Vegas Gold." Has this been a long-time descriptor and I am now just picking up on it? I know BC didn't create the name "Vegas Gold" and has been using this type of gold for a while, but reading the Vegas name makes it seem all that more official.

For the longest time BC's colors were all over the place on officially licensed gear. Some shirts looked like ketchup and mustard and others looked like eggplant and tan. Now I think we are finally establishing some consistency. Most of the items in the catalog all seem to have the same shades of maroon and gold. If that is due to picking an official color, then job well done to whoever took control of the situation. Yet now as we finally have some consistency, I want to shake things up. I want more SuperFan Yellow.

You can buy SuperFan shirts online and a few different SuperFan Yellow items, but no BC team has worn a jersey or uniform inspired by the SuperFan colors. Instead of pushing the "gold outs" or stainglass trim, it is about time that BC rolls out a special SuperFan jersey. Don't make it a regular thing. Do it as part of the marketing deal with Under Armour.

I know a lot goes into the marketing and scheduling of special uniforms. I appreciate what BC's done to increase the consistency and quality of our official merchandise. But now that the basics are locked down, it is time to try a SuperFan jersey.

(P.S. The Georgia catalog has yet to arrive. I will let you know it is deja vu again.)


Goberry said...

I believe the official Crayola name for the color of BC's uniforms is "Piss Yellow."
The logo/color transformation had started to be made when I was at BC, so by no means take this as a "back in my day" comment. That being said, BC went from having a great logo, interlocking BC in classical lettering, to an italicized version that looks like it was written by Michael J. Fox. Don't get me started on the angry chicken.
Take the hockey shirt that you posted. BC used to have one of the best sweaters in college hockey. It was maroon and gold for home and white and maroon for away (though I can see why you called it mustard). Hell, now BU's sweaters are classier than ours.
Snooks Kelley weeps.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

The sweater that ATL has pictured is the BC Alt uniform for hockey. The primary colors are still the maroon and white ones, but the Alt has become more prominent because its been the sweater worn during Beanpot, Hockey East and National Championship wins.

we make our own movies said...

I actually love the idea of doing a Superfan yellow special jersey, and you're right that the Under Armour partnership should be the perfect vehicle to help make this happen. The whole Superfan concept has been one of the best, most visible things to ever happen to our fanbase and student body, and it would be nice to see a tip of the cap to it.

mod34b said...

Per Wiki "Vegas Gold" (hate that name), is the "official" BC color. I wonder when it became "official" - I like the color and prefer it to the glaring Superfan shirts.


The Superfan color is "Steeltown Gold" - an underarmour term.

Or HEx FDD81D -- http://www.colourlovers.com/color/FDD81D/Steeltown_Gold

Kash86 said...

Under Armour has used the term "Vegas Gold" for a long time, dating back to much of their early apparel

Danny Boy said...

Under Armor has to go. They've shown time and again that they care about making a splash and showing off their sublimation techniques rather than doing things that are good for the program and culture of the school.

I love the idea of a Super Fan yellow uniform. I think its a no-brainer. I don't trust UA to do it. Not after they polluted the original shirt with their logo front and center.

Kash86 said...

Ideas like a superfan uniform would come from the school, not from Under Armour. I think its a great idea, but it would take someone involved with the program to contact their UA rep and put the wheels in motion.

Is it true that even with UA's limited contractual obligations to the college side, that BC is an after thought, perhaps, but BC with Nike would be an after thought to a much greater degree.

I personally like UA. I think the uniforms are fairly simple and classic and personally think the apparel they sell to the public is great. Its obviously a huge step up over Reebok and is at least a differentiating factor from every other school that is sponsored by Nike.

Bottyeagle said...

I do not care for the Super Fan Yellow at all. I think it looks quite ugly. I will take gold any day. I looked over the catelog that came and I have to say its disappointing how poor most of the designs are. Very few items in there I would consider buying. Thought UA would upgrade that, but has not happened.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'm still not over the change from the "Block BC" to the "leaning letters BC".

I'm wondering if there isn't an untapped market for "Old School" BC gear? I would pay extra for the old "Block BC" emblem on items.

We could even go "Old Old School". About ten (10) years ago I bought a hat with a replica of the BC logo from the 1930's. Love it.

I'd love to have the striped 1930's Eagle with the outstretched wings on lots of things.

Hoib said...


I have a hat from a golf team alumni outing a good # of years ago w/ the outstretched winged eagle on it. I think it is the best depiction by far. It's kind of beat up now, like me, but I won't let it go!