Monday, September 22, 2014

Freese cut and other links

After struggling this season, the Lions cut Nate Freese. I am surprised with his struggles considering his accuracy last year. I am sure he will get a second shot at the NFL.

BC Hockey begins the season ranked No. 2 in the Hockey East preseason poll.

Soaring to Glory took a deep dive on the evolution of our run game under Addazio.


Lenny Sienko said...

I don't follow Detroit; but happened across the game just as Freeze was missing a kick on Sunday.

I knew he would miss as soon as I saw the snap and hold. Both were just slightly off in timing and placement.

It looked like Freeze was trying to adjust to the Detroit set up. It was not at all the comfortable, smooth, graceful series of motions, which it took four years to achieve at BC.

I hope Freeze catches on somewhere else and they try to accommodate him and his style of kicking. It will be worth it for some team.

mod34b said...

Poor Freese. As his Coach suggested, seems the NFL pressure got to him

He was the worst kicker in the NFL this year, missing all 4 kicks over 40. Keep in mind, a kick from the 23 yard line is a 40 yard kick. In the NFL, you gotta make that kick. Amazing, Freese could not kick those through.

Last year, he went 20-20 in FGs, including 6-6 over 40 yards, and 2-2 over 50 yards.

Lenny, I did not notice Freese had a peculiar style of kicking. Maybe they should have gotten a new holder?

Lenny Sienko said...

Its not that his style is peculiar; but the snap was clearly off and the holder did not place the ball well. The timing was off.

You joke about the holder; but maybe they should have replaced him:

"I'm good," Freese said. "I'm just trying to get the timing down with (holder Sam Martin) and (long-snapper Don Muhlbach). At the start of camp everyone's a little off-sync, so we're just trying to get caught up right and get into a rhythm."

I used to marvel at Doug Flutie as a holder in his CFL and NFL days. He had huge, soft hands and could turn a bad snap into a good hold.