Saturday, September 27, 2014

Giving it away

I thought the Pitt game would be the one to haunt us. This was worse. There is plenty of blame to go around: terrible special teams, bad tackling and an offense that cannot afford to make mistakes. Daz has a lot to work on and now we've lost our win cushion in the road to bowl eligibility.

I'll have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


EL MIZ said...

brutal second half. it seemed like we were in the prevent defense for the last two drives. why did we not try to pressure the QB at all. to rush 3 and drop 8 and have WRs wide open on TWO straight plays is an outright embarrassment. the clock has to be ticking on Brown. his defense cannot tackle, the secondary often looks out of place or lost, and it is so reliant on the blitzes, which becomes a major problem when the team can pick it up. how many times have we seen an offense drive in the final two minutes of a half? happened in both halves today.

offense was also headscratching. Alston got no touches? Shakim Phillips spent the game on the sidelines as well. the missed FG and Murphy INT deep in our zone were both killer.

blowing a 14 point lead at home is not good. bad bad loss.

eagleboston said...

Looking forward, I'm very concerned. We are not going to win against Clemson, Louisville, Syracuse or Florida State. NC State is resurgent and since that is on the road, I don't think we win there. Wake is the only sure win I see on the schedule and possibly Va Tech. How is BC nation going to react to a 4-8 or 5-7 season??

The only hope is to make a switch at quarterback. We have a running game, but we have zero passing threat. Teams know that and are loading the box (Hilliman seemed to plow time after time into the line for merely 2 yards). Murphy has lost 2 games at home against teams we should have defeated. I think we will find that USC is not that good and that victory won't seem so great by season's end. Put in Wade, get him some experience on a down year when you have nothing to lose anyway, and then we will be much better positioned for next season. He is the future. Murphy is just a hired gun and he can only muster 7 points at home in the second half. That is not getting it done.

I'm also upset with the coaching late in the game. Blowing a timeout early in the 4th, not using Willis when he was clearly rushing better than Hilliman and zero touches for Alston. Daz can be made at the players for missed tackles and stupid penalties, but his coaches also performed poorly when it counted.

eagleboston said...

Meanwhile, our next opponent NC State has Florida State on the ropes. Their coach is superb.

mod34b said...


Second half showed a team that did not have a will to win vs a team that did.

Its almost as if the fluke win over USC is enough for these guys.

Big Jack Krack said...

I wouldn't blame this on Murphy. If you said Day and Brown, I would agree.

The game plan sucked, because it played right into CSU's game plan.

Daz might have to make some tough decisions going forward.

Big Jack Krack said...

As I said on the other thread, why do our tall receivers always stumble and fall? With a receiver who can keep his feet, that's an easy completion in the red zone.

Lenny Sienko said...

Was No. 6 Alston, our fastest player, injured? I didn't see him at all.

The ACC announcers mentioned him as a threat; but he never touched the ball. I didn't see him in on special teams either.

We could have used a fast change of pace with him in the game. The Jet Sweep, the end around, any time he touches the ball, Alston can score.

eagleboston said...

This is outside the box thinking, but why not move Murphy to receiver and start Wade at quarterback? Murphy is a great runner, but he makes BC too one dimensional. He is a quiet leader when BC needs someone more forceful. He has NFL speed, but he is clearly not an NFL caliber qb. He does not have the "it" factor where he can lead a team down the field on a final drive. He has lost two games at home that BC had no business losing. It might do him a favor to try him at another position where he may be a more likely NFL prospect.

You have already blown Wade's redshirt. It is clear he is the future (or at least the qb next year). He needs experience now which would prove more valuable than having him struggle the first few games next season. Murphy would give him another weapon and give BC a much-needed playmaker. If Wade can throw just a bit better (not hard to fathom at this point), BC could keep defenses honest and we would not have a day like today where Co State just piled 9 guys in the box and BC futilely plowed time after time into the line for 2 measly yards.

Make the change now while you have the bye week. Be stubborn and stick with a qb who will not be on the roster next year and can't win critical home games and we may struggle for 4 wins. Make the change now, and we can at least have some hope for the season.

JBQ said...

Colorado State figured it out and went for the jugular. Murphy can't pass. They stacked the box and BC had no answer. You know Flutie can pass. Addazio wants a runner who can pass, maybe Wade. He does not like a passer who can run like Flutie. That is the real reason for the demise of Suntrup.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Keep the faith - momma said there would be days like this. Rome wasn't built in a day or in one season. I don't want to sound like I'm blaming George Bush - but don't forget where the program was under Spaz.

I also think the heat impacted us more than CSU. Our lines looked a little more gassed. Credit to CSU and their beat up QB for playing tough and making those short passes for first down so often. They also had some very good backs. On to the next game.

Southern_EAGLE said...

I think we all knew this would be a close game. And we all knew that we have absolutely no FG kicker that we can rely on. So you play a time possession game and hope you pull it out. That's exactly what the coaches did.

My biggest complaint is the lack of pass rush on the last two plays for CSU. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. And i still cannot understand what Brown was thinking.

Bravesbill said...

But but but Brown had repeatedly said that he would never just sit back and give away a game.

Eagle 1 said...

Too many duds, too few dudes.

Time to lower our expectations considerably and focus on getting the younger players experience.

Lenny Sienko said...

Does anybody know what was up with Alston not playing?

I think the difference in our offensive scheme was that we did not/could not insert the entire "package" which involves Murphy making the read, giving the hand off, keeping, tossing, shoveling, flipping to Alston coming around or handing to Alston sprinting in front of the quarterback.

Hoib said...

How about Keyes? Was he hurt? Don't remember him doing anything and before this game he's been our most consistent pressure guy.

Brown should be ashamed of himself I can understand maybe playing soft on 3rd down, but once they had them 4th and 12 you gotta bring heat especially when that is your supposed philosophy .

W/ 2 weeks to get ready they need to work Wade in. They don't have to make a full scale change but he needs to see the field to get him ready

The injuries on the o line are a big problem. Big falloff to the second team guys there.

Kash86 said...

To CSU's credit, they did a great job picking up the blitz and their offensive line played very well today.

Eagleboston, you ahve to be joking I hope ? Murphy to wide receiver ? That might be the dumbest thing i have heard yet.

As for the rest of the season, there are wins on this schedule. Louisville has not looked like world beaters since the Miami game and Cuse/VT have been mediocre.

This season isnt lost, but what I struggle to understand is the extreme peaks and valleys in the play calling. This came was eerily reminiscent of the Pitt game. To have Day call an absolute masterpiece against USC and follow it up with no creativity is just mind boggling.

With all that being said, BC still should have won this game. Howell makes that easy FG in the 1H, and this is a totally different game. This was lost on Don Brown's watch and his inability to adjust to CSU's intermediate passing attack in the second half

BCDoubleEagle said...

Speaking of Pitt, they lost to Akron (!) 21-10 yesterday to fall to 3-2. So much for, "It's ok that we got embarrassed at home by Pitt, they're better than people think."

eagleboston said...


I said "this is outside the box thinking." I sure hope you don't run a business as you must shut down people's ideas before it even gets out of their mouths. No idea is dumb and it can spark other ideas. Clearly what we have now is not working. We have lost to 2 mediocre teams AT HOME. That is not acceptable. And I have seen multiple instances in college football where qbs have been moved to wide receiver to much success. It may seem "dumb" to you but the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expecting a different result.

EL MIZ said...

Unknow summed it up best:

"This season isnt lost, but what I struggle to understand is the extreme peaks and valleys in the play calling. This came was eerily reminiscent of the Pitt game. To have Day call an absolute masterpiece against USC and follow it up with no creativity is just mind boggling."

Not only play calling but the play itself. Defensive line in particular was completely absent after having a good game against USC.

Alston fielded a few punts and was involved in a fake jet sweep or two, so I'm miffed as to why he never touched the ball. Was he injured?

All is not loss and calling for Murphy to be benched is silly; I chalk this one up more to the playcalling and defensive execution. I still think we can find 3 more wins (@ wake, vs cuse, and one other) and go bowling, but in my opinion the Don Brown watch is on. If the defense doesnt make big strides over the remainder of the season he needs to go. Scheme just cannot get stops and has had a few games now where you are left scratching your head.

Unknown said...

Eagleboston, you could be the most ridiculous BC fan ever! I only visit this site to read your ludicrous comments. How about instead of suggesting ideas that only work in video games you actually suggest something realistic. Thanks!

eagleboston said...

What is ridiculous about moving a quarterback who cannot throw to a position where he can be successful?

And where are your suggestions? I love people that never stick their necks out and only criticize but never offer their own ideas.

Your team has just lost 2 critical home games that have probably put BC out of bowl contention. And you are fine with that? That is acceptable to you? If USC had abandoned their game plan earlier and gone with the short passing game, that would have been a 3rd home loss. This team has structural problems and it starts at the qb position. Murphy's inability to present a passing threat will result in at least 2 more losses. And I happen to like Murphy. I think he is the right person to be on the bus for BC. He is simply in the wrong seat on the bus.

Bravesbill said...

Murphy is akin to Denard Robinson, really fast but an inconsistent passer. Robinson was probably even better of a passer than Murphy is. Michigan did put Robinson at WR and RB after he came back from his injury in his senior season so the move wouldn't be unprecedented. Randle El and Matt Jones were QBs in college but receivers in the NFL. Worth exploring esp. if Murphy wants any shot at playing in the NFL. Regardless, Wade should be getting reps for next year.

eagleboston said...

I think a lot of you are probably in your 20's and simply don't have the benefit of many years of BC history. In late '81, a 4th string qb was tossed into a game that was way out of reach for the Eagles. The player provided a spark, scored some points and was given the opportunity to start the next week. 3 years later, he became Boston College's only Heisman Trophy winner. Two decades later, the BC team was struggling with their starter and inserted a former junior college player, Paul Peterson, into the lineup. He provided an immediate spark and became the first BC qb to win his first 6 starts. A couple years later, BC was struggling with Quinton Porter and inserted Matt Ryan into the starting role. He became one of the best qbs in BC history and is the most successful NFL qb from BC.

All 3 changes were made during the season and all 3 made BC a better team going forward. There is precedence for this in BC history and it may seem "stupid" or "silly" to some of you younger fans, but thank God Cowboy Jack made the silly decision to play Doug Flutie.

Hoib said...


I don't think you are off base w/ your suggestion on Murph, but they can't move him now. He'll have to do it next year. We don't know what kind of hands he has, but he is tall fast and a tremendous athlete. I think he should give it a shot. But it's too late for us. We already have on ex QB in the passing scheme, Bordner, who looks like a guard being sent out for a pass. I think coming up w/ quality receivers will be a challenge for Daz in his run happy O.

W/ this D we should be behind in plenty of games in the second half. That's when they should give Wade a look, ala Flutie as you suggested. I know it was against ME, but his throws in that game seemed to have better touch than Murph's. He'll still needs guys to get open and catch the ball, which is asking allot w/ this bunch.

On an unrelated matter are both of our kickers on scholly? I hope not.

eagleboston said...


I think the D is struggling for 2 reasons. 1) there was a clear drop off in talent in the past 2 recruiting classes for Spaz. Those players are now juniors and seniors. 2) Given that our offense is so run-focused, I don't think the D gets the opportunity to practice pass coverage. Might explain why they have been very good in some games against the rush (USC, Maine) but have experienced numerous pass coverage breakdowns. I'm sure the scout team simulates the opponents' passing attacks, but the #1 BC offense is not going to show much of that in practice as they are working on the run.

Oh, the poor tackling is also an issue but that may be related to point 1 above.

Hoib said...


You're right the D needs a major rebuild.

AlbanyEagle said...

A few thoughts/headscratchers:

1) Being at the game, I could not see the corner of the end zone where CSU's receiver caught that last TD, but it looked as if there was absolutely NO ONE around him. If that's true, how could that possibly be?

2) There was an astonishing number of wide open short completions in the middle of the field. Astonishing. I'm guessing the blitzing left us vulnerable to these quick hits. Regardless, there did not seem to be ANY adjustment for this. It just kept happening.

3) how can a D-1 team not have a kicker? Seriously.

4) It was clear early on the straight up runs were not going to work. I know this has been mentioned by others, but I share the sentiment: Where was Alston?
Why couldn't we see some of the creativity that's worked before? If they didn't go for big yards at least they might have helped keep CSU off balance.

5) O-Line being down 2 starters was an obvious issue for this game, and a point of concern for this season. But the bigger worry may be who is going to replace this whole graduating line next year?

6) Tackling. I will never understand how one squad can look so good one week and so putrid the next.

Hoib said...


1 there was no one around him and we had 8 in coverage. The QB had all day. A major blunder by Brown to rush only 3 on a 4th &12.

5 this is a big problem. We have to hope Daz will get a group ready by next year.

6 w/ all the great soccer players in N.E. I don't understand why we generally have such rotten kickers. Frieze was the exception.

Walter said...

Aponavicious was a completely competent kicker, too. He couldn't kick that long, but he was mighty consistent in his range. It's very frustrating to not have that.

This was an aggravating game to lose, but it wasn't the end of the world. They made a big play on 4th down to win the game. If that receiver hadn't tripped right when Murphy threw the ball that interception might have been a great completion. Sure, you can always point to woulda coulda shoulda's, but it's not like we got outclassed by Colorado State - a team we should have beat but that no one was expecting would be a walk in the park.

The receivers made more catches and the run game was still there. I choose to believe that if we can beat USC we can beat anyone left on the schedule. I'd rather our losses be to out-of-conference teams than to ACC foes.

Bravesbill said...

There's no difference between non conference games and conference games for bowl purposes. Each kind of loss hurts equally.