Monday, October 06, 2014

30 for 30 primer and other links

The earlier reviews of Playing for the Mob are coming in and all seem very positive. I will have a post and discussion after the film air Tuesday night. For those too young to know what happened, I highly recommend reading the Sports Illustrated article from 1981.

The ACC announced the Clemson game will kick-off at 3:30. ESPN U will carry the game.

Addazio will give Mike Knoll a shot as the place kicker. Let's hope he can convert some field goals. He also said Vardaro is healthy and ready while Abdesmad is out for the season.

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mod34b said...

Interesting Dazz comment on conditioning and depth:

"My opinion: With the last game we played, we're a tired football team. They were fresh today, but we will be worn out again in a couple days. I come in here and say, `Well we had to pull back today, couldn't tackle and it shows up in the game.' I can't solve that. You can't keep banging a team that's all banged up. You can only hope that they'll tackle better but that's not the way to go. We just don't have the numbers to sustain the level of practice that we need to sustain to develop a young football team." "