Friday, October 03, 2014

Bryce Jones dismissed

BC announced (on a Friday without a Saturday game) that Addazio dismissed Bryce Jones for the catch-all term "violation of team rules." Jones is still a BC student, so that limits some of the things that might have gotten him in trouble. Eventually an explanation will leak out.

From a football standpoint, I am not concerned. Like many of our DBs, Jones was wildly inconsistent. (I will have post about our Defensive issues this weekend.) We have enough raw depth in the defensive backfield that we should be able to cover his absence.

I have no idea what Jones did or what he plans to do with the rest of his BC career and his remaining eligibility. I wish him the best of luck and hopefully he gets his act together.


JBQ said...

I hope that this doesn't mean more to come. Addazio is great. Odds are that there will be more. You can smell somethin' cookin'.

Joseph said...

Give me break form conspiracies and cover up theories. JBQ like the rest of us has no info on what happened, so maybe it would be best to just shut up.

JBQ said...

@Joseph: XXX

CatabEagle said...

Anyone who's been around BC long enough knows there are plenty of cover ups to give one a healthy suspicion of any team dismissal. I know firsthand of several MAJOR ones from my time there, so a little healthy distrust isn't such a bad thing.