Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Gunnar Esiason's story and other links

With all the discussion of the basketball point shaving, it is nice to turn our attention to a better BC story. Recent grad Gunnar Esiason is staying in the family business by coaching high school football. He also continues to fight his cystic fibrosis. The article is worthwhile just for Gunnar's outlook and perspective on his disease and making the most of each day.

Drew Barksdale decided to announce his hamstring surgery via Instagram. I am sure Addazio loved that.

While it might not seem like it, the ACC is producing some very good defenses.

Soaring to Glory posted part of their Hockey preview. In this post they predicted the most difficult games of the season.

NEISA named Erika Reineke Women's Sailor of the Week.


Big Jack Krack said...

Every now and then I think I have a few problems, and then I realize how lucky I have been throughout my life.

Gunnar is an inspirational young man, and this is another medical condition I wish could be cured.

All the best to him and his family. What a tough thing to deal with - and yet remain positive - wow.

Gunnar, I'm glad you are a BC Alum - thank you.

mod34b said...

Gunnar and his famous dad Boomer are great ambassadors for BC. Boomer always has very nice things to say about BC in his public comments. Boomer and his son are real quality guys.