Saturday, October 25, 2014

It is never easy: BC holds on against Wake

My biggest issue during the end of the Spaz era was that I didn't feel anything. I was so resigned to losing that I was rarely nervous, rarely excited and generally bored. During the USC win, I finally felt those butterflies of excitement again about BC Football. It was nice to have that old familiar feeling again. Saturday an unwelcome old feeling returned. It was the pit in my stomach feeling. The is this really happening feeling. I thought we were going to blow it. Fortunately Justin Simmons picked off Wofford and BC successfully killed clock to hold on for the win at Wake.

The first half was probably the best 30 minutes of BC Football this season. The second half was almost as bad. The Defense just couldn't get off the field and the offense went cold. I was sure the missed PAT was going to cost us the game. I am relieved it is over and relieved BC won.

Despite the drama, the win still means a lot. We are one step closer to the postseason and now back to .500 in conference play.

I will have my grades and second viewing thoughts up late Sunday.


JBQ said...

An easy win was in the rear view mirror. BC got cocky and overconfident. They almost and probably should have paid the price. Wake would have scored to go ahead with all kinds of emotion against a flat BC squad.

Joseph said...

Cocky and overconfident? not so sure. Young wofford suddenly was completely confident with his throws. The wake coaches saw a weakness in the BC pass defense and off they went.

eagleboston said...

It was a bad loss to Clemson last week and a bad win over Wake this week. Just 2-10 on 3rd downs. That has been my complaint about Murphy all season. He can't get first downs and can't get the yards at the most critical moments.

And, here is some more Halloween horror. Over the prior 3 weeks, Wake has played our final 3 opponents: Louisville, Florida State and Syracuse. Wake scored just 10, 3 and 7 points respectively against these opponents. We gave up 17 and if Wolford does not make that horrible pass, we lose the game 24-23.

I have read a lot of posts that think we can beat Syracuse. Not so fast my friends. They pummeled Wake 30-7. Virginia Tech is a caged tiger. I never want to play teams with their backs against the wall. BC is going to need to play much, much better to beat Tech on the road.

OK, that is the bad news. Here is the good news. BC closed out a close victory. That is the second time this year and something BC could not do in the Spaz era. We won on the road. I don't care how bad your opponent is, and Wake is very bad, winning on the road in the ACC is huge. While BC may not be favored in any of the final 4 games, they should be competitive in every one with the exception of Florida State. All we need to do is steal one of those 4 and BC can extend the season.

mod34b said...

oh my, that was a horrible ending.

Don Brown's defense is still very inept for short passes over the middle. recall the sequence where they threw the same 10 yard over the middle 3,4 times in a row. Hello Brownie.

but ATL, i agree about feeling that old familiar Spaz play-not-to-lose-but-lose-anyway feeling .. it was an awful memory.

The offense got tight too. Shows that BC is not good enough to ever let the foot off the gas. We should have blown out Wake.

No gimmees left on the schedule, but i feel good about getting to 7 wins.

Murphy's passing is improving, which is huge. If he is a credible passing threat, which i think he now is, that will open the run etc.

Danny Boy said...

This is my first foray into anti-Day territory, but some of his play calls were awful in the 2nd half. HB dive after dive were momentum killers. We need to keep teams on their heels and dives just won't cut it.

Similarly, maybe I was seeing things, but a number of times, it looked like Hilliman would slow down just before he got to the line. He's a big boy, but he'd rob himself of all momentum just before crashing into the line. Not a good look.

Hoib said...


No such thing as a bad win. See Saban presser two weeks ago.

The D pays back for CSU loss. I like Mod, am hoping for 2 & 2 finish. It would be quite an accomplishment for Daz to play 500 ball in league in his first 2 years. I think we match up well w/ Tech. I don't like that they get extra time to get ready and are at home coming off a bad loss, but they have problems. Looking forward to it. Certainly wasn't saying that in the Spaz era.

Bando '87 said...

Crap. McDuffie just gave a verbal to Wichita State.