Friday, October 31, 2014

Michigan speculation shifts to Bates

Michigan forced out Dave Brandon and will begin looking for a new Athletic Director. Expect Brad Bates to get mentioned as a candidate over and over and over again. At this point it is all speculation and there is nothing BC can or should do. We don't need to overpay to keep him. We cannot get into a bidding war with Michigan. If they want him and he wants the job, more power to both. It only becomes interesting from a BC perspective if he leaves. If that happens, look for our AD search to be very different from the last one.


Hoib said...

Seems like the big blue faithful want Harbaugh. If they are able to pull that off he will dictate who the AD will be.The only reason they might have a chance to get him is that he and his current GM can't stand each other.

mod34b said...

Bates seems to be an excellent candidate for Michigan AD -- maybe the front runner, at least on paper.