Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wolfpack and weather can't stop BC

This was the type of bounceback game we all wanted to see. BC went on the road and handled NC State. Murphy was crisp on the ground and in the air. The Oline was better. After a rough start the D stepped up. Other than some bad weather and shaky Special Teams, BC had a pretty great day. From a long-term, program building standpoint, there were two encouraging signs. First the new wrinkles the coordinators added worked. The staff used the extra time well. The second sign was how Addazio handled the long lightning delay. It is a little thing that most fans would expect from a professional staff, but we've seen poor coaches look clueless during weather delays. As deflating as the last loss was, I feel much better now.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


JBQ said...

Congratulations to Coach Addazio. There are some vulnerabilities. Pressure by the linebackers left the short pass open up the middle. It is also noted that runs to the right caused the entire defense to shift to the left and left them vulnerable to cutbacks. The defense needs to zero in on the "belly button" and stop watching the hips. It would also help to box the ends.

ATL_eagle said...


I didn't think the tackling was as bad as some previous games.

blist said...

The first for BC team in the ACC in my view -- we looked faster than our opponents. Team speed kills!

NEDofSavinHill said...

They were 2-6 on the road last year. Their wins were close calls against sub par teams ( NMST and the Terps). This was the best performance away from Chestnut Hill of DAZ's tenure. When you accumulate twice the yardage of the home team you have dominated. USC and CSU also won. If those two plus BC can run the table you'll end up with the PAC 12, MWC and ACC champs. NCST was a pivotal game because it opens up all possibilities. The coaching staff did a fine job. The Clemson game is a great opportunity. NCST put 42 on the board against FSU at home. BC held them to 14. Not bad.

CT said...

Great road win for the program.

Glad we have Clemson at home with their very good defense. Think Watson will be out. A break, in more ways than one.

EL MIZ said...

a true road test and a great win for the boys. Murphy has elite speed and i wouldn't be surprised if he makes the transition to slot WR or 3rd down back in the NFL; 6'2 215 who can burn guys in the secondary and break tackles should be a guy who gets a look. Murphy is now 17th in the country in total rushing yards (3rd in the ACC), and 7th in the country in yards per attempt.

Alston had 5 rushes and 2 catches, for a total of 76 yards and a TD. the staff's failure to use him in CSU remains a total headscratcher, and that loss remains a true, TOB-level WTF loss.

the coaching staff needs to be commended for re-tooling after Andre and Amidon left. our three best offensive players are Murphy, Hilliman and Alston. none of them were on the team last year.

Hilliman's emergence is very encouraging; he is a workhorse. 103 carries for 454 yards and 7 TD's so far, after only getting 12 carries total in the UMASS/PITT games.

fingers are crossed BC can reel in Christian Wilkins from CT. best recruit left on the board with offers from Stanford, ND, and Ohio State; his highlight tape is like a video game. just tosses linemen on the ground and hunts down backs. would be a huge get for the defense badly in need of playmakers.

Clemson's star freshman QB Deshaun Watson broke his hand yesterday, which means BC will likely have the ho-hum 5th year senior Stoudt instead of the electric Watson. that is definitely a winnable game.

at Wake should be a win; home against Louisville and Cuse are also eminently winnable. at Va Tech will be a test, as will home against Clemson, and i don't see us knocking off Florida State unless Winston and the other d-bags on that team get suspended (not a longshot after yesterday's outrageous NYT article). still, i see 7-8 wins as totally do-able, and that's before the bowl game.

go Eagles! for all those hating on Ryan Day, this offense is fun to watch and has adapted to the skills of the players. the conversion of Bordner to WR was genius, we are really honing in on Murphy's strengths (love the designed runs). and the passing has improved after not looking good.

dixieagle said...

Has anyone heard a reason why Alston wasn't used in the CSU game? Completely baffling.

Tough break (literally) for Clemson's QB Watson. I wish him a full and complete recovery, beginning next Sunday.

eagleboston said...

4-2 at the half-way point. The true meat of the schedule is now before us and we somehow need to muster 2 more wins. It is critical to get a bowl game and get the young BC players some extra practices. Pitt is turning out to be a very bad loss but Colorado State might be one of the top teams from the non-Power 5 conferences. Should be an interesting 2nd half of the season.