Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1984 team returns and other links

BC will honor Doug Flutie, Gerard Phelan and other members of the 1984 team during the Syracuse game. The game is about the Seniors, but I hope returning stars help attendance.

The Women's Ice Hockey team continued their undefeated streak by defeating Yale Tuesday.

This article on the lack of popularity BC Sports in Boston made the rounds Tuesday. At this point I am beyond caring. BC needs to market better, but winning big is the only way our bandwagon will ever get attention of the local pro sports fans.

A Syracuse blog took a look back on Addazio's relationship with Syracuse and what could have been with their hiring history.


TheFive said...

Keep in mind that, following John Henry's purchase the Globe, the Boston Globe and Boston.com are now separate entities. The Globe has reported articles. Boston.com is an aggregation of wire reports regarding the Boston region; wire reports regarding useless gossip; and paid bloggers.

That post fit in the last category -- a paid blog. I could care less why that guy doesn't like BC athletics. If BC does well what it can do well (provide an accessible product through a program that does things the right way), it can be successful in this region. Note that the clown didn't reference the ratings for Saturday's FSU game (which, of course, was the highest rated game in the region).

Tim said...

Bingo. Much of the content on boston.com these days is just nonsense churned out by twentysomethings from their laptops at Starbucks.

The author (blogger?) of the article also failed to mention that BC consistently has the highest attendance of any eastern college hockey program.

The bottom line is that people take more of an interest in BC sports when BC is doing well. We had no attendance problems in football in 2007 when we had a top 10 team.

I distinctly recall almost driving off the road on the Mass Pike one evening in March of 2006 when a DJ on a random pop music station gave BC some props for being in the Sweet Sixteen. Because we were nationally relevant, people outside the BC community took notice.

JBQ said...

Every time that I see "the pass" thrown by Flutie from the 35 and well into the end zone, I am convinced that Phelan will drop the ball.