Thursday, November 20, 2014

Basketball gets solid win against New Mexico

My expectations for the Puerto Rico tournament were very low. I think they were even low for Jim Christian (since he inherited this commitment from Donahue). However the team played well in their opener against New Mexico. Like UMass, they took a lead in the first half. The difference was in the second half they hung on and Hanlan closed it out in the final minutes. Here are some other thoughts:

-- This was the type of game Hanlan should play every night. Aside from missing his free throws, he was very productive. My only other complaint is that he should dish a little more when Clifford gets in a mismatch on the pick and roll.
-- The team was still too sloppy. We have to cut down on the turnovers.
-- I am still trying to get a feel for the minutes. I was surprised that Magarity didn't get more time. I am surprised Clifford played so much (especially with a game tomorrow).
-- I like Brown's role and his D. I don't like his 3-point shooting. Hopefully those shots go to Jackson when he gets back.

Friday the team gets another test Friday against West Virginia. Let's keep it rolling.

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EL MIZ said...

agree on the turnovers. we need Lonnie back badly. losing Rahon has really hurt, as our backcourt is very thin.

still, New Mexico won 27 games last year and made the Tournament. very nice win for Coach Xtian and the team.