Saturday, November 01, 2014

Bates had the best seat in the house

Sometimes when you score a TD, you're greeted by fans or teammates. On Tyler Murphy's final TD drive, he ran right into BC AD Brad Bates. Not a bad way to end the day for either guy.

Thanks to Mod34b for the GIF.


mod34b said...

Great pic :-)

Nice to see Bates so engaged and so present.

Legal Eagle said...

My stream of consciousness watching that play live:

I can't believe its 3rd and 10, we are going to need the D to step up. Ughh another vanilla run up the middle, this play calling is so boring. Whoa, he has a chance at the first down. Whoa, he has a chance to take this to the house. He's gone, he is not getting caught. Shit, he looks hurt. Hey, there's Brad Bates.

That was a serious emotional roller coaster in about 12 seconds.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Great game. Great win. Team is light years ahead of two seasons ago. 368 yards of offense vs. VT in Blacksburg. Ohio State got only 328 in a home game. VT got 69 yards rushing, 30 on the fake punt. BC defense controlled the line of scrimmage. They make their opponents one dimensional. They have close to the best D in the ACC this year. Most of the top players are back n 2015. Murphy and the offense have done very well also. Two of the three remaining games are at home. They are quite physical and will present problems to everyone they play. One of the best plays of the game was Stachan's tackle on the first kickoff. 2. What does it say about the Big 10 if OSU wins the title and lost to a mid level or bottom half team from the ACC (VT)? Are most of the teams in the ACC better than the top teams in the Big 10? Not necessarily. What does it say about the SEC when a top tier team Mizzou loses at home to a bottom of the pack squad from the Big 10, Indiana? Does that mean the good teams in the BIG would dominate the SEC? 3. Miss ST. doesn't look like the #1 team in the land. Prescott isn't close to Mariotta or Crablegs as a player. Oregon and FSU are clearly better.

Bravesbill said...

Ned. FSU barely beat Louisville. Arkansas would best Louisville handily. Not sure where you're going with that.