Saturday, November 29, 2014

BC controls Cuse in Senior Day win

Yet another weirdly paced game. But BC kept with the plan and worked their way to a win. This guarantees a winning season and hopefully improves our bowl prospects.  Congrats to the whole team on the accomplishment.

I am traveling Sunday so I don't know when I will have grades up. I will have some posts on Sunday though.


EL MIZ said...

nice game to win even though the offense really struggled to get things going. happy to beat the classless Orange, who were celebrating and taunting after every play even when they were down 3 touchdowns with a few minutes left to play. congrats on the 3-win season and enjoy your bowl-less post season.

only 142 yards on 49 rushes (2.9 YPC) but Murphy was able to offset it with one of his better passing performances. Defense was stout as usual.

a nice win and happy to send the Seniors off with a Win. now lets get Addazio & Co. his first bowl win.

eagleboston said...

Offense definitely struggled, but how about this defense! They are getting better with each week and they really finished the season strong. The only score they allowed was when they were forced to defend a short field. There were a couple drives where Syracuse threatened, but BC got key plays at key moments.

I can recall when Coach Addazio was announced as the head coach 2 years ago. The outcry was staggering. BC nation was outraged. I appealed for calm and to give the guy a chance. We should all be grateful that Bates ignored the masses and made this hire. Just 2 years after only winning 2 games, he has BC in position to win 8 and is bringing them to their 2nd straight bowl game. He has brought back O-line U and given us an aggressive, blitzing defense. BC football is fun again.

Thanks, Coach Addazio, and please stay at BC to build this program.

EL MIZ said...

also, in Addazio's first year, Andre Williams breaks the ACC single season rushing record. in year two, Tyler Murphy breaks the ACC single season QB rushing record. heading into the season, nobody knew who either guy was. who will emerge next year for BC?

agree, EagleBoston - really hope Coach Addazio and the rest of the staff sticks around and finishes what they started. program on the rise!

Hoib said...

Really nice Saturday. We TCB against the Orange. Refs were pretty friendly to us I might add. That definetly wasn't Ned's guy calling the game.

Now I' m enjoying the beat down being put on the Fighting Frauds. I'm in heaven!

JBQ said...

Congrats to coach and for a fine season from Tyler. Field goals are still a mystery but they did solve the extra point dilemma.

Big Jack Krack said...

ACC 4 - SEC 0.

mod34b said...

Good win. Decent season. Slightly better than expected, but not near good enough. Defense seems to be most improved during the course of the season. Offense did not seem to grow in ability past mid-season.

So, the Bowl questions. If FSU loses to GTech, it is out of the NC playoff and into the ACC bowl picture. ND, i believe is in the ACC bowl mix too. There are 12 ACC bowl-eligible teasm. BC might be the 12th pick.

What that means is that BC is very likely getting a sh*t bowl against a sh*t opponent. I'd love to see BC v PSU in the Pinstripe...but not one is projecting that. BC likely winds up against some American conference awful program UCF, ECU etc.

Here is some bowl data in my next post

mod34b said...

1 FSU 12-0
2 GT 10-2
3 Clem 9-3
4 LVille 9-3
5 Duke 9-3
6 ND 7-5
7 BC 7-5
8 NCSU 7-5
9 UNC 6-6
10 Pitt 6-6
11 Miami 6-6
12 VT 6-6

ACC Bowl order of best to worst

1. Orange Bowl (Dec. 31 in Miami, 8 p.m., ESPN) [Big 10 or SEC]

2. Russell Athletic Bowl (Dec. 29 in Orlando, 5:30 p.m.)[Big 12]

3. TaxSlayer (Jan. 2 in Jacksonville, 3:20 p.m.) [SEC]

4 Music City (Dec. 30 in Nashville, 3 p.m) [SEC]

5 Belk (Dec. 30 in Charlotte, 6:30 p.m. ), [SEC]

6 Sun (Dec. 27 in El Paso, 2:00 ) [PAC-12]

7 Pinstripe (Dec. 27 in New York, 4:30 p.m.) [Big 10]

8-Duck Commander (Dec. 27 in Shreveport, 3:30 p.m.) [SEC]

9 Quick Lane (Dec. 26 in Detroit, 4:30 p.m.) [Big10]

10 Military (Dec. 27 in Washington, D.C., 1 p.m.,) [AAC]

11. BITCOIN (Dec. 26 in Tampa/St. Pete, 8 p.m.) [AAC]

mod34b said...

could BC be shut out of ACC bowls and do worse than Bitcoin??

like what?

Bravesbill said...

Sad thing is that I don't recognize half of those bowls.

Tim said...

I don't care which of these third-rate bowls we go to, as long as we win it.

eagleboston said...

Unless you are in the playoffs it does not really matter. The ACC shares bowl revenue and it's really about extra practice time for the players, particularly the young ones.

mod34b said...

From wiki

Starting with the 2010–11 bowl season, the rule that required the selection of seven-win teams before any 6–6 teams was eliminated.[5] The first season of the new rule saw Temple go uninvited despite going 8–4, including a win over eventual Big East BCS representative Connecticut.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Good win. BC was clearly the better team. The Syracuse D played well. Great run by Rouse to ice it. While this years squad has the same record as last year it is a better team. 2013 had top notch kicking. this year the kicking was sub par. 2014 could easily have had 9 or 10 victories. Progress is being made. 2. BJK makes an important point. ACC 4 SEC 0. How much chanting and acclaim could a conference get? You couldn't put on CBS or ESPN without someone stating that the SEC was the best, superior to all others. But is that so? It is dominant? If you play in the World Series and lose all four games are you dominant or have you been dominated? What will the shills and apologists say? Someone on this site said the ACC stinks. Is 4-0 vs. the SEC proof of that or have you amended your thinking? In 1968 Gov Romney said he was brainwashed on Viet Nam. Gene McCarthy said the Governor didn't need a full brainwashing just a slight rinse. A slight rinse is required for those gullible enough to fall for the hype on the SEC. The best one could say about the SEC is that it is on par with the other four conferences. It is nothing special. It will be fun to watch the gurus rationalize the results. Remember Georgia pounded Auburn. Bama barely wins giving up 630 yards. GT beats Georgia. No wonder so many NFL busts come out of the SEC. 3.ND lost five of their last six. They looked strong early but the competition was weak. ( Rice, Michigan, Perdue and Syracuse). While they both finished 7-5 BC had the better season. They played four common opponents (Syracuse,FSU,USC and Louisville) BC was 2-2 in those contests ND was 1-3. Given the chance to select a head coach would you take Kelly(ND) Franklin (PSU) Golden( MIAMI)Spurrier (S. CAROLINA) or DAZ? Give me Daz. 4. Holtz on ESPN stated that Arkansas was a top 15 team in the country. A 6-6 team with a below average QB? Top 15 in the mediocre SEC maybe , country not close.

CT said...

The SECEast is almost as bad as the ACC Coastal.

The ACC had it's best four teams playing the cellar dwellers of the SEC, minus UGA without Gurley. But I suppose you can take anything out of context. Like you always do. Ha.

Proud of the conference but I realize you gotta crawl before you can walk.

A decent conference needs to beat another's worst. But I would certainly call that progress. Can't imagine USC and UF being down too long. We should live it up. Our best beat their worst. That's an actual improvement.

Auburn would win the ACC, by the way.

For those who watch football, and I didn't think I would say this, but really proud of another seven win team. With the exception of Louisville, the dudes looked like they were competitive and didn't buy in to the underdog narrative. Daz plays to win. He's two years into the rebuild and it's a comfort knowing the ship is in good hands and I think, I think, something good is building long-term. Looking forward to his next two recruiting classes. Let's a Ever to Excel there, too.

Congrats on a solid regular season and I hope we get ECU somehow, somewhere.

Hoib said...

BCI just posted a pretty good explanation of the ACC's bowl tie ins. FYI it's similar in complexity to understanding the tax code. The executive summary is we will probably go to the Pinstripe unless that bowl wins a lottery to select ND, a 1 in 4 probability, if they win we will probably play in Annapolis. Can't stand that our fate is tied to those jerks. Tell me again why the ACC thought it was such a good idea to give those clowns a sweetheart deal? I think it would be nice if we could play in NYC. It's a chance to sell allot of tickets and improve our image in that regard. The plus to either destination is I think cold weather sites are good for our style of play. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

mod34b said...


BCI knows more about Hockey than football. Plus, the article's author admits he is just guessing....which is obvious. i would not put any stock into the BCI views.

With 12 ACC teams bowl eligible, and most of them at 6-6 or 7-5, BC has no leverage at all. Could be picked #12. Gotta figure that any bowl below the Mason-Dixon line will not pick BC due to our very poor travel rep.

I want a Big 5 conferences opponent. Playing ECU (in the Military bowl) and the like does nothing for BC and is not even fun to watch. Remember playing Boise on blue turf.. groan....not good

Hoib said...


The key point for me in the post was the tier 2 lottery. Is that not a fact? If it is I think the premise of the post makes sense. I think the pinstripe bowl would want us. I do think we would turn out for that game.

EL MIZ said...

Colorado State finished 10-2 and their coach is the alleged frontrunner for Florida job. suddenly losing on a 4th and 11 with a minute to go to the Rams doesn't look so bad.

mod - why are we such an undesirable candidate? i understand certain schools would get the nod over us, but the pinstripe bowl for instance seems like a great fit. BC has a ton of alum in the city, its an easy drive/train/flight from New England - i don't think we are as undesirable for certain bowls as it appears.

CT said...

ECU does nothing for BC?

They should be in the ACC! They're better than more than half of the conference.

Playing Boise was great. On their turf. That was their last loss before they went on that long home winning streak.

But yeah. Let's play Rutgers or another crappy "big 5."

mod34b said...

El Miz - I think i said undesirable south of the Mason-Dixon line.

We might be desirable to the NYC bowl.

CT: agree playing Rutgers would be awful, but playing ECU is awful too. You want another Carolina team (ECU) in the ACC? No thanks.

Bravesbill said...

Pinstripe Bowl wouldn't be bad but I guess I'd be pulling for the Sun Bowl for selfish reasons. And Ned, I'd take Spurrier any day of the week.

CT said...

Mod, I want a better ACC. And ECU is better than all the other Carolina teams. Period.

And Spurrier at nearly 70 can run circles around those other guy when it comes to coaching. Geez. Wag more, bark less.