Thursday, November 27, 2014

BC-Syracuse preview

Both teams come into this game in the middle of losing streaks. BC's feels a bit better because of how we played against Florida State. But none of that will matter Saturday. Syracuse might seem checked out, but give them a little hope and BC might be in for a dog fight.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Without BC's brutal loss to Syracuse ten years ago, there is no blog. That game crushed me like no other game before or since has. In the days that followed the Globe, Herald and Eagle Action all gave TOB a pass. I couldn't take it and decided I needed to vent. Since then, the blog has changed, BC sports have changed and so have my motivations for blogging. I don't know what the future holds for BC sports or this blog, but I appreciate all the feedback and support I've received over the years. Thank you.    

Three Simple Keys
1. BC needs to run for more than 250 yards. I am less concerned with Murphy running this week. I just want someone to run effectively Saturday. If we get that many yards on the ground this week, we will control the scoring and the tempo.
2. Don't ease up on the blitz. Long is still like a deer in headlights back there. BC cannot back off. Show him every blitz in the book. It will cause confusion with Long and their OLine.
3. Don't let the game come down to field goals. It is unfair to the kickers at this point. We cannot count on any of them. In my mind, anything outside the redzone needs to be four-down territory.

Gambling Notes
-- Syracuse is 10-12 all-time in Boston
-- BC has lost three of its last four to Syracuse
-- BC is 0-3 in ACC homes games this year
The current line is BC-11

As you will probably hear during the game, Louie Addazio started his career at Syracuse. He transferred when his dad got the BC job.

Scoreboard Watching
I will be paying attention to all the SEC-ACC matchups. We heard all the Florida State bashing last week. It won't change perception, but it would help the ACC's standing with the Selection Committee if we sweep all the inter-sectional games this weekend.

I hope to see...
The Seniors get a good send off. I've already written about the challenges of playing this weekend. For those that do go, please get into your seats so that you can cheer on this group of Seniors. They were as critical for BC's turnaround as last year's graduating class.

BC is in trouble if...
We turn the ball over. We got lucky against Florida State. Multiple slips and lose balls were picked up by BC. We won't get that lucky again. Murphy needs to be careful with his exchanges and also avoid terrible passes into heavy coverage.

Bottom Line
There is no reason BC should lose this game. I think we overpower them from the start and put a team away for the first time in months. I also think the D holds 'Cuse to a few field goals in the redzone. It is a big win for BC and a nice way for the Senior class to finish their BC careers.
Final Score: BC 28, Syracuse 13


Big Jack Krack said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bill. At this time of year I am thankful for a lot of things, and your blog is one of them.

I am moving to the Athens area next week (currently residing in a house full of boxes) and hope to run into you at the BC/Atlanta events.

It's a cold forecast for tomorrow. I like our running the ball - just not "up the middle" when Syracuse will have 8 in the box, just waiting for what they (think they) know is coming.

Go BC - beat Syracuse - handily. And don't take your foot off the gas for 60 full minutes.

Example - if the game is in hand (I hope) and the clock is winding down, and we find ourselves with the ball in scoring territory - do NOT take a knee.

Send the message loud and clear and go for the TD!

Big Jack Krack said...

Of course Boston got snow yesterday, but I didn't know they would get more tonight!

This game might be the Snow Bowl.

For all those who like the idea of a New York Bowl Game - this is what you can get.

56 degrees, sunny, no wind, feels like 65 where I live now.

Go BC - pull this off - shovel that field and run it down their throats.

eagleboston said...

Thanks for this wonderful forum, Bill. There are many more choices for BC fans now than there were 10 years ago, but I am still partial to your blog. It is simple, concise, informative, easy to navigate and fun. I know this is a tremendous amount of work for you and we are extremely grateful for this blog.

We are all united in out love for the Eagles and I am grateful that we have true scholar athletes that are able to compete at the highest level.

Thanks, Bill, for another great year!

Hoib said...

Thanks Bill, you're the best!