Sunday, November 16, 2014

FSU gametime set

Shortly after Saturday's action, ABC/ESPN announced that Florida State will host BC in the 3:30 ET timeslot. The game will be mirrored on ABC and ESPN2. Many -- including me -- expected a primetime game if Florida State beat Miami. Maybe the scheduling gurus sense some Seminoles fatigue. Despite our struggles against Louisville and Florida State's ability to bounce back from any deficit, I am optimistic about this game.


EL MIZ said...

so excited for this one. we are on the road, which has been a good thing this year. last year could not have been a closer game, and i think our team for whatever reason rises to the level of competition. we beat USC, we beat Va Tech, we hung with Clemson and should have won but for dropped passes (rouse's drop) and a bad call (the no-call on the int'l grounding/safety).

FSU has had 6 come-from-behind/win by a hair victories this year. lets catch them looking forward to their game with Florida next week and knock them off! GO EAGLES

JBQ said...

It can be done. However, the defense better be realistic in handling Greene, Cook, and O'Leary. You can't let Greene run free. You can't let Cook's speed especially on short passes out of the backfield blow you away. Finally, you can't let O'Leary intimidate as in the dirty hit against Mehdi. The d backs have to know the rules. A p.i. penalty should have negated that 50 yd td pass with one second on the clock which finished off the Eagles last year after a terrific effort.

Big Jack Krack said...

In the old days someone would have the assignment to "block" Nicklaus O'Leary when he least expected it and when he wasn't involved in the play.

Perhaps he might be looking the other way and slowing down when the block is delivered.

Good luck, Nicklaus. You're lucky that BC is not as dirty as you are.

Go BC - you have nothing to lose. Pull out all the stops.

mod34b said...

i am glad we are not in prime time -- 8 pm Saturday night.

This game won't be pretty. 3:30 pm on ABC or ESPN2 is more than enough.

Also, I think we play better in the day. (i recognize that it will be night by game's end)

FSU receivers, and FSU QB vs BC pass rush and DBs. FSU needs to change the narrative of being a who-cares-about eh-first half team. They will come out hot

I think this game will be nightmare for Don Brown.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Maybe FSU will wear black jerseys. UNCONQUERED!

Thomas said...

I watched Miami run the ball down FSU's throat all day Saturday. Their defense is not half what it was last year, when we gashed them repeatedly. They can be beat, and they will be beat. We might as well be the team that does it. GO BC!

eagleboston said...

I wish I had the confidence of all of you. Keep in mind, the ACC refs know that Florida State is the ACC's only shot at a playoff slot. Do you really think the calls are going to go our way?

Secondly, Winston is going to destroy the BC pass defense. Even if we get a rush on him, he will simply spin out and hit a wide open receiver deep down the field.

The only positive is that all the pressure is on FSU. We have absolutely nothing to lose. We can go into this game and play loosey goosey. But, the damn refs will not be on our side.

Bravesbill said...

The bigger question now is whether Florida considers Daz now that Muschamp is gone.

mod34b said...

BB, I am surprised u would ask that.

I do not think Dazz is legit on radar for UF.

he was unpopular when he was OC there (um, he liked to run too much!)

mod34b said...

Eagleboston. -this week should be a delight for you. BC will get crushed by FSU.. All gloom. All week. U r gonna luv it!

Hoib said...

I tend to agree w/ Mod, and EB. I think our only cahnce is we dominate in TOP, and score when we have the chance. I hope this is the last time we see Jameis.


I don't think Daz fits the SEC mold. I will worry though if Bates gets hired by Michigan, and they don't hire a glamor coach. I think the type of player Daz recruits and his style of ball would play well in Ann Arbor. If he some how beats FSU it would only make it more likely.

Bravesbill said...

If you look at a lot of the Florida blogs, Daz surprisingly gets quite a bit of love now. Take him out of the playcalling, and he might gain more acceptance. That said, Florida will try to hire a glamour coach, but considering how low the program has fallen, Daz might be a legitimate backup option.

Tim said...

BC's last road win against a ranked team was ____________

Hoib said...



Tim said...

Yes. BC beat #20 FSU 27-17 in Tallahassee on 11-15-08. Since then, we've lost seven straight on the road to ranked opponents ('09 Vtech, '10 FSU and Nevada, '11 Vtech and Notre Dame, '12 FSU, '13 Clemson).

Hoib said...


I remember Montel had a nice game.

mod34b said...

""It was a lousy week," Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said.
The Eagles picked off Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder three times and held the Seminoles to just 73 yards rushing.

"When you can't run the football it throws everything at your quarterback," Bowden said. "When you can't run the ball you ain't got nothing."

And Ponder was off-target much of the game, completing 15 of 31 for 183 yards.

"We really couldn't get it together and it starts with me," Ponder said. "There were times when I definitely tried to force stuff."

It was Florida State's homecoming and the team wore all-black uniforms as did much of the crowd, but it was a motivation for BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski.

"They made a real big deal about the blackout so we got all of our guys black shirts and said, 'Well, if we're not going to be invited we'll just crash the party,'" Jagodzinski said. "And that's what we did.""

Tim said...

FSU wore those black jerseys against BC in 2006, too. BC 24, FSU 19. The Seminoles rushed for 28 yards that day.