Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Is loss to Louisville a "Tipping Point loss"?

We all know about "Moral Victories." BC's loss to Louisville could fall into that category, but I am wondering if we haven't come across something different. Undermanned again yet still showing plenty of fight, I am wondering if we are at the fork in the road. After a series of close losses to some of the better teams in the conference, does BC start to pull through more games soon? Or do they stop fighting and start mailing it in? I believe we are close to a break through and that maybe this is our tipping point. Here are a few other thoughts:

-- Christian's Defensive adjustments. It is too early to consider him some sort of defensive guru but I thought Christian did a good job with the defensive calls. We used zone well and rebounded well considering Clifford's limited minutes.
-- Needing more from Hanlan. If BC is going to break through, we need Hanlan to play better. His shots weren't falling, but that wasn't the problem. His defensive concentration down the stretch stunk.
-- Heckmann coming into his own? Here was another game where he played well without making any glaring mistakes. I don't know if he's more focused on not trying to do too much, but he made some smart plays.


Matt said...

great game from brown last night....if we could just cut out his drives where he just wildly throws the ball in the direction of the hoop (good for a couple times a game), we would really have something!

Magarity showed some good aggressiveness, decent hands and good finishes, a couple of offensive rebounds. I know he hits some threes, but I'm not sure how many he should be taking.

Great to see 9 assists from Olivier. Our offense makes him work so hard with the ball in his hands, dribbling around screens and getting doubled (not my first time making this comment), being chased all game by the other teams best defenders, I think that may affect his energy at the end of the games on the defensive end. Would love to see some of the other guys be able to set him up for easier.

Clemson plays great D, will be interesting to see if our offense can get in gear against them this weekend.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

What frustrates me is that it seems that only Hanlan or Brown has a great night, never both. Imagine tonight if Brown AND Hanlan were firing on all cylinders? Could have been very different.

If we can get a few games where they both are playing well, we could be very competitive.

Hoib said...
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Hoib said...

t's not Christians fault, it's the hand he was dealt by his awful predecessor, but he has to have O do more than he is capable of. It's only natural that he will run out of gas as the game progresses, and will probably also be the case as the season grinds on.
Heckman has learned more in 1 year under Christian than 3 under Onahue, who totally ruined the kids confidence. Nice to see him bounce back, he's become a very heady player.

Bravesbill said...

Hanlan has been absolutely brutal shooting this year, esp. at the free throw line late in games. This is part of the BC's problem in winning really close games. On the flip side, it is nice to see him passing the ball and creating shots for his teammates when his shot isn't falling.

Hoib said...

I think they will continue to improve.

O had 9 assits and only 2 t/o against a defensive force like Lville.

The tean for that matter had 17 assists w/ only 7 t/o against one of the perenially strongest presses in the country.

These are great strides since the beginning of the year for the offense. The problem is we have to play a very good or great team every night. Think what we'd do against Howard!