Monday, January 26, 2015

Women's Hockey keeps rolling and other links

The Women's Hockey team cannot be stopped. Monday they took down Princeton. With the snow storm brewing, the stands were basically empty. Let's hope as the unbeaten streak continues, fans start to rally around the team.

ESPN thinks we need to improve our WR play in 2015. Even with a new offensive coordinator and some new talent, I don't see us every becoming pass happy.

Jim Christian and staff are pursuing German prospect Lukas Meisner . He would bring some much needed size to the 2015 recruiting class. At this point Christian can be selective with the class and only add players he really wants. I still expect a transfer or two to help fill out the roster next year.


Legal Eagle said...

Steve Logan is reportedly headed to the 49ers in a yet to be announced role.

Hoib said...

BC needs better receivers, da. Guys get paid to come up w/ stuff like that? Master of the obvious.

Heckman has learned more in 1 year under Christian than 3 under Onahue, who totally ruined the kids confidence. Nice to see him bounce back, he's become a very heady player, who'd a thunk it.

JBQ said...

The receivers had "hands of stone". Their catching technique was the modern acceptance but terrible in practicality. A new O.C. should be able to see this and correct it. A viable team needs to have completed passes longer than 2 yards. It is accepted that this is a running team. Nevertheless, nine man fronts need to be attacked with a little ingenuity instead of the "running into a wall" mentality. Hopefully, a new O.C. will see this. Now, the D.C. must go. Blitzing on every play is not even seen by viable high school programs.

mod34b said...

at JBQ, good points.

Q is who can Daz attract. I think he is a very fixed and stubborn mule when it comes to the game plan. I think Daz (and his seemingly controlling ways) is going to be a problem. I see the OC as an internal candidate who will be a Daz stooge.

we can't forget that Daz may be the most mediocre coach in america over the last 4 years (27-23).

Hope Daz attracts someone good and he let's the OC be the OC.