Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reading too much into the Lonnie Jackson news

Lonnie Jackson was supposed to be the example. The Christian staff saw him as a guy who had a few good skills but didn't develop enough physically or in his game to be an ACC player. They felt that was a failure of the previous staff. But he was also supposed to be someone who could lead the transition from Donahue to Christian. While other guys transferred or seemed out for themselves, Jackson was a guy who bought in to the new guys. He was ready to have a big year. Maybe he's a different type of example now that he's leaving.

This story has a different ending if Jackson doesn't get injured. If healthy, he would probably be a contributor right now and finishing his career at BC. Instead he and Christian's staff are moving on. Jackson can finish his degree and pick the right spot to play next year. His dad's quote seems like he doesn't care about location, just playing time. I am sure he will find somewhere.

For Christian, this creates a problem and an opportunity. Even if he wasn't a game changer, Jackson potentially provided some leadership, a shooter and some roster balance as a 5th year senior next season. They can find talent to fill his minutes and points, the question is whether it will be another 5th year, a traditional transfer or another incoming freshman. Ideally it would be a low-risk, high reward 5th year. That would keep the balance. We won't know until later in the spring when the transfer market shakes out.

Best of luck to Lonnie. I am sorry it never came together at BC for him or the other guys in Donahue's mega recruiting class.


Big Jack Krack said...

I'm sad to say that this program lost me a long time ago. We have come from one basket of winning the ACC Championship to the bottom of the barrel, with no end in sight.

Christian and staff have a long way to go to get the fans back. So far, he has not shown anything that is encouraging.

Really sad state of affairs and I'm sick of it.

Goodbye BC Basketball - for now anyway.

Boston College deserves more than this. Do we want to compete? It doesn't look that way.

FakeShalomTfree said...

He's a California kid that doesn't want to be buried under 6 feet of snow playing for a lousy rebuilding team. Can't say I blame him

This program has a long way to go, and it's fate has yet to be determined. Jackson wasn't going to make or break things one way or another

EL MIZ said...

agree with both posts. the program is completely lost and there doesn't seem to be any plan or end in sight. Lonnie leaving is really irrelevant. yes, he'd be a nice piece on next year's sub-500 team, but losing him doesn't really meaingfully move the needle. he was a 10-minutes off the bench guy anyway. best of luck to him, he was probably the most fiery of the Donahue recruits. at least he cared.

it's almost laughable to think about Donahue's megaclass and how it turned out. Anderson transferred, Caudill didn't play a meaningful minute, Daniels transferred, Jackson transferred, Clifford has been slowed by injuries, Odio and Heckmann both showed flashes but were never able to put it together.

OB68 said...

Based on the coach's comment about "wanting to play" , after the last game, it sounds like the team has cashed out for the rest of the season Maybe he needs to go young for the last few games and damn the results. If his team is or has given up on him/themselves it does not bode for a good future.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Going young would be a good idea if there were actually young guys to play. Would have loved to have seen Hicks and Diallo getting minutes at this point but unfortunately they're hurt. Hopefully next years recruiting class pans out, and maybe JC could add a transfer or two for some depth.

PJeagle said...

I always thought that Lonnie was a real gamer, a guy who really wanted to win, played the game the right way, and was a very good teammate. He was an excellent shooter and definitely a guy who was good enough to play 20 minutes a game. He had a bit of an edge to him which is unusual in a guy who was slight of build, more of a finesse player. He understood the game. I'd bet he has coaching in his future. I gave him tremendous props for coming back this year instead of baling. Fate was not good to him with this year's injury. I wish he would come back but I understand perfectly why he'd want to finish out his career somewhere else. He was smart enough to make sure he'll be leaving with a BC degree in hand. I wish him the best. I always thought he was a good guy and a good player.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We just need to catch a break on the recruiting trail. Probably most likely with somebody who wants to be close to home and who wants the playing time. Capable transfers from elite programs who want more playing time would also be huge - particularly among the bigs. Until that happens - we are in the shitter indefinitely. Bates has to get involved in the recruiting progress and act as a facilitator for the staff. He has to make this a priority. Just hiring a new coach is not enough with a major program in such disarray.

Hoib said...

Good Luck to Lonnie. What we need going forward are players completely opposite of him. He was mentioned in the prior thread, Danya. That's what we need. If Christian can get guys like big D we'll have s shot in this league. If not we're toast.