Monday, March 23, 2015

Addazio takes Indoor Practice Facility push to Media

The Globe and BC's own web site both had write ups on Saturday's scrimmage. Both had quotes from Addazio. BC's piece had more quotes from the coach, but left out an important one that the Globe included: "We need a permanent indoor facility." 

Addazio's push for an permanent indoor practice facility is not new to those who have heard him speak lately. He tends to work it into his speeches at booster and alumni functions. Taking it to the media though changes the objective. Now the pitch goes from receptive ears to a broader community who can interpret it a few different ways. In general, I think BC fans (the passionate and the casual) will support the facility. It is just part of the arms race of college football. And the facilities are no longer just at football factories. Private schools across the ACC have them or are building them. Good facilities can make a difference with quality recruits. But Addazio's quote will also be fuel for those who don't want it (locals who object to any BC construction) and those we recruit against.

I don't think Addazio talked about the facility to put pressure on Brad Bates or start building excuses for himself. It is still early in his tenure, but I don't think he is that manipulative. But taking the message to a wider audience is a power play. Addazio is very friendly with Vega. If he didn't want the quote out there, it would have been removed. Now, Addazio is letting the BC broader BC community know that if we want to compete we need to raise the money and build this facility.


chicagofire1871 said...

I asked BB at an alumni function last year why he doesn't appeal to the broader BC community for donations to specifically fund an indoor practice facility. He said that based on what BC takes in, it would be a 10 year project to get the necessary sum. He felt it was more likely to get done with quiet conversations with several big money donors.

ATL_eagle said...

I know he has been looking for big gifts. It is disappointing that the big gifts are not coming fast enough to make an announcement yet.

SectionKK said...

Where do we think the indoor facility would go? Would it be part of the new plex going where Edmonds is now?

mod17b said...

This is similar to how James Franklin got the ball rolling faster on a $30M+ indoor facility built at Vandy. He spoke at a luncheon I attended a few years ago and told the story of how one day it was storming out and the football team took buses to Murfreesboro to use Middle Tennessee State's indoor facility for the day, and wasn't shy to the media afterwards saying along the lines of (paraphrasing) "I'd really like to thank MTSU for allowing us to use their facility -- we don't have something like this at Vandy, though we could really use it."

mod34b said...

What is the price range for the cost of the indoor FB facility?

here is a good summary article. Indoor Football Facility survey

Given BC's high-cost urban environment, on the one hand, and, on the other, its history of going "half fast" on these sorts of projects, looks like maybe a $20,000,000 project that will take 5-10 years to complete.

Of course, space, local approvals, competing projects etc, all would hamper efforts for this seemingly worthwhile project.

Sorry... back to the Bubble Boys

chicagofire1871 said...

Would an indoor facility have to be on campus?

ATL_eagle said...


I think an indoor facility has to be on campus. Busing the whole team somewhere is a logistical hassle.

eagleboston said...

Kind of a sad commentary on our society that places of higher learning are being forced to spend 20 million on a completely unnecessary practice facility. At some point, someone needs to stand up and say "Enough!"

Somehow, teams survived for nearly 100 years without indoor practice facilities. 20 million could help a lot of people or fund a lot of scholarships.

I realize this is the reality of big-time football but I have to say it sickens me. 20 million is a lot to spend on a building only used by one team for just 3-4 months.

eagleboston said...

By the way, I built an 83,000 square foot office and distribution center for 11 million. An indoor facility would cost 9 million more??? I thought they were just big open indoor rooms.

ATL_eagle said...


I understand your point. However, BC needs to decide if they want to do something halfway or be all in. We've had juniors living off campus for decades, yet someone decided we need to build more housing. The old system worked out fine. Yet BC decided to raise money and change the campus to be competitive with other colleges offering four years of housing.

This is a similar analogy. We don't need it to function as a school. But we do need it if we want a decent, winning football program.

It would be used by other teams and sports too.

As for cost...I don't know what BC's actual projections are. The difference between your facility and it probably relates to turf, lighting, equipment, etc.

GP11 said...

ATL: I was under the impression that the 4 years of housing issue was a requirement imposed by the local residents before allowing any construction on the Brighton Campus?

If so, would that also be a reason why there is a delay on the practice facility?

mod34b said...

Say BC puts downs $6,000,000 of $20M and finances $14,000,000 over 20 years?

That amounts to a 'mere' $88,570 per month, practically free :-)

Hoib said...

20mm is 1 year of tv revenue. Sounds reasonable to me.