Monday, March 16, 2015

BC-centric takeaways from Tourney Teams

While we dream of even being near a bubble, there are still plenty of BC-related storylines and takeaways from the NCAA Tournament teams. Hindsight on these things is always 20/20, but overall I still believe BC's future is bright.

Coen and Cooley
Both of Al Skinner's former assistants made the Tournament. As much as I love Al and wish we had hired one of his proteges, I understand why we passed on both guys twice. Steve Donahue turned out to be the wrong coach, but he wasn't the wrong hire. I didn't love the Christian hire last year, but Coen's uneven track record at Northeastern didn't help his candidacy. Cooley's resume was arguably better than Christian's but I can rationalize Christian over Cooley. In the end, I am happy for both and don't think there success speaks to BC's mistakes. BC might not be better off right now, but I don't think there is anything either are doing at their current school that Christian cannot do at BC.

Notre Dame
The Irish just won the ACC Tournament and secured a 3 seed with a Massachusetts-heavy roster. As frustrating as that might be to BC fans, it gives me hope. There is more than enough local talent for us to compete in the ACC. We just need to identify the right kids and get them to commit. We haven't recruited well locally since the JOB days. Despite ruffling a few feathers, I think Christian will change that. 

The Big East vs the ACC
The smaller, refocused Big East earned six selections from a ten-team conference. The mighty ACC also got six. As the teams were announced, I was convinced that Mike Tranghese was still on the committee. But it seems it was just a good year for the old basketball schools. Good for them. As much as they screwed up the conference, I never begrudged their demands. It was the UConns and West Virginias of the world that always upset me. In most years the ACC will lead the nation and our former home when it comes to tournament teams.

Power 5 prevailed
When it came to the bubble, the committee went with bigger schools and traditional powers over the mid majors. That's great news for BC. One season doesn't always set a precedent, but it is good for BC that the benefit of the doubt seems to be shifting to the Power 5 teams.


BarraCuda said...

Would Cooley have come to BC if offered last year? I honestly don't know, but why leave a better program for a worse one? Perhaps for money, but BC doesn't seem willing to break the bank for a hoops coach.

Hoib said...


You are on the right track. No one other than Christian wanted the job.

Christian could turn out to be a diamond in the rough. I don't think the ND Boston comparison means much. Christian comes out of the NYC Catholic School environment. He played for Willard at St. Dom's, like Petino. The list of successful coaches who came from that path is a mile long. Some current ones are Laranaga & McKallop. If he's successful I think it will come from recruiting in NYC.


Right hire wrong coach? What sense does that make. Definetly wouldn't have flown w/ the Jebs teaching logic in my time. I can't think of one positive that you can connect to the hiring of Onahue. The huge mistake was and always will be firing AL. It left a hole in the program as wide as the Grand Canyon, and we still have an incredible amount of work to do to fill it in.

ccw said...

We couldn't land Cooley. Providence would pay more than we would. ATL refuses to admit that we couldn't have landed Cooley or Ammaker.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Anyway - on balance a good summary - no reason not to look at a glass half full. Its all about the recruiting in the end. Not nearly as insurmountable as say football (which says a lot about Addazio). Only five starters and two of them need to be very special. Then good things will happen. Christian hired good assistants - light years more accomplished than Donahue's people. They are working it.

Hoib said...


I hate to disagree, but I think Daz has it easier. There aren't 5 top 25 teams in his league, like there are for Christian.

JERZeagle said...

its all about recruiting, and it starts with a solid core. if there is potential in the kids, as a fan, it is easier to be patient and optimistic.

we all know hanlan is a great player, but to be honest, there has been 0 optimism about BC hoops for about a decade now.

ATL_eagle said...


Right hire/wrong coach meant that he seemed like a good fit and the good profile of a BC coach. He just couldn't hack it at this level. Peter Principle.

ATL_eagle said...


We could have landed both Cooley and Amaker. Neither was about money.

Hoib said...


Mike Lonergan turned down the job, and it wasn't about money. I think top candidates looked at it as a risk reward situation where the equation is too heavily skewed toward risk. Christian was willing to take the leap, no one else was.