Thursday, March 05, 2015

Can Hanlan with ACC Player of the Year?

With the regular season coming to an end, there is serious talk about Olivier Hanlan winning the ACC Player of the Year award. BC is even pushing the cause. The stats are there: he leads the conference in scoring and in minutes and is in the Top 10 in numerous other categories. The only real obstacle to getting votes is BC's current record. Since 1954, only one players from a losing team has won the award.

The lone winner from a losing team -- Virginia Tech's Erick Green in 2013 -- was sort of a fluke. He split the award with Miami's Shane Larkin. The split also came in part because for the first time the coaches and media voted differently.

There are plenty of bigger names competing with Hanlan for the prize. I think it will really come down to how everyone finishes. If Hanlan puts up huge numbers in a BC win over Wake, his heroics will be fresh in voters' mind.

We can't go back and make this season more fun, but seeing our best player get the conference's biggest award would be a nice high note.


Hoib said...

He certainly has been tremendous. I hope he at least gets first team all ACC.

JBQ said...

He already has one foot out the door for the NBA.

ccw said...

This is pretty silly. Jahil Okafor is the odds on favorite to win National POY.

Bravesbill said...

I'd say there are numerous other players in the mix before Hanlan: Okafor, Christmas, Grant, Harrell/Rozier, and Cook. I can't even see him getting on the first team all-ACC over Rozier, Grant, Cook,and maybe even Lacey. BC's terrible record is going to sink his post-season awards chances.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Great players on bad teams in any sport rarely get the awards and accolades they deserve compared to the best players on winning teams stacked with other good players. Just the way it is. So the chances of POY for Olivier are beyond remote. But maybe we'll win every remaining game - take the tournament - and win the national championship.