Saturday, March 07, 2015

Eagles keep rolling

After the last win, I joked on Twitter about BC running the table. Now it feels a little more possible. The team played really well against Wake for their third straight win. Even if we don't make a big run in the ACC, this has been an encouraging end to the season. It seemed like the team checked out on Christian a few weeks ago. But they clearly responded. Here are some other thoughts:

-- 'Good' Heckmann. Christian is on record saying that when Heckmann plays well, BC plays well. Saturday he played well enough. There were still too many turnovers, but he shot well and played better defense.
-- Batten's D. As much as Hanlan's scoring and a softer schedule contributed to this run, it was also due to improved defense. Batten keys that D. He's our most intense defender and is very good as slowing the other team's sets.
-- Clifford contributing without scoring. He was cold shooting, but he was still important to the win...especially his rebounding.

Hanlan's game was good, but probably not good enough to earn Player of the Year votes. But who cares about awards now? We have the Conference to win. Let's keep it rolling Tuesday!


Hoib said...

JC goes undefeated against his fellow rookie ACC,coaches, even though they were the bigger names. Let's hope it continues in future seasons.

Flexman said...

Nice way to end the regular season. I think we can win one tournament game and then go home. Hopefully the good play from season end will carryover to next year. Go Eagles.