Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No rebounds; No Problems!

When BC fell behind six with a minute and a half left, I thought this run was over. But Hanlan made a clutch pullup to give BC the 66-65 win. It was a clutch comeback and keeps BC alive in the ACC Tournament. It wasn't a good performance, but style points don't matter. All BC needs to do is regroup and play better against UNC on Wednesday. Here are some other thoughts:

-- Missing Magarity. Magarity is not a Swedish Dennis Rodman, but another big man would have helped. GT's bruisers controlled the boards and the game. I don't know why Christian didn't have the guards help more. When he finally did, Batten made some good stops.
-- Need more from Brown. As much as "good" Heckmann makes a difference, a "bad" Brown can undermine it all. He was totally out of it. Not only were his shots off, but he dribbled wildly into traffic too often. Hopefully he shakes it off.
-- Big plays from our best player. He had a big second half. He made shots down the stretch and he made our final basket. This might be the end of his BC career, but at least he is going out playing his best basketball.

Now we get to do it all again! This wasn't the start I hoped for, but I still like the UNC matchup. Let's roll. 


FakeShalomTfree said...

If someone told me one of these teams would blow a 6 point lead w/ less than 2 minutes left than miss a layup at the buzzer, i would have bet my life it would be BC.

This was a bizarro world win. Wasn't pretty, but a win nonetheless

Hoib said...

Made our last 7 FTs. Tell me that wasn't an NBA play by O to win it. It would have been an awful way to end the season. Coach C, please bring some big guys in! Meeks being out tomorrow is huge for us. Talk about a guy we don't have an answer for he's it.

EL MIZ said...

definitely nice to see this team keep fighting. would have been very easy for a team full of career losers (no offense, but that's the truth) to throw in the towel after yet another brutal start to ACC play. but they hung tough, they kept competing, and now we're on a 4 game win streak. at some point the team's legs will be dead given our lack of depth, but man would it be nice to beat the Tarheels. come on O, lead us to another W!

Tim said...

Christian now has as many ACC tournament wins as Donahue had in his last three seasons combined.

Hoib said...

Today's title can be no rebounds big problem