Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Red Sox Frates jerseys

The annual game against the Red Sox is a nice tradition. It helps promote BC Baseball and keeps ties between the two organizations. The Red Sox honoring Frates like this make the relationship that much more special.


JBQ said...

In 2003, the Yawkey Foundation donated 15 million to BC. Tom Yawkey died in 1976. Jean Yawkey died in 1992. The Red Sox were sold subsequently for over 400 million and this money went to the foundation which sent its endowment to over 1 billion. This is the connection between the two. It is called love and respect for the mission of BC. The Yawkey Center on campus houses obviously the football offices. I think that it must be remembered here just what the support for football and athletics at BC is all about. The Yawkeys knew well and are watching down from a higher place. With a tip of the hat to Mrs. Jean Yawkey for "keeping the flame alive" through 1992. The cozy relationship between the Yawkey Foundation and BC was challenged legally by the Attorney General of Massachusetts in 2003. He did not like the fact of two trustees sitting on the Board of Directors for Yawkey. J. Donald Monan was also singled out for a conflict of interest. That is the real enemy that BC is fighting. It is not other teams in the ACC. It is the barbarism and growing destruction of society. In the eyes of the people of the grand state of Massachusetts, "Ever to Excel" is a bigger problem than helping the starving with food. BC offers intellectual food and society doesn't want to hear it. You have to be "blind, deaf, and dumb" not to see where this is going.

dixieagle said...

As you likely know, the president of the Yawkey Foundation is Jim Healey, a B.C. alum, class of '75, and one of the finest people I know. He worked for the Red Sox from the time he was a teenager, starting out on the grounds crew.