Monday, March 02, 2015

What should expectations be for BC Baseball?

Sorry for the misleading headline. I want to use this post to address BC Baseball this season. The long-term future of BC Baseball is a different and more complicated topic. However, after winning three straight in the Snowbird Classic, Baseball improved to 5-6. They play their exhibition against the Red Sox Tuesday and then start ACC play against Florida State this weekend. Putting aside the predictable sweep by LSU, this season is off to a promising start. But a season is not built on a few out of conference wins. The team needs to compete in ACC play. Which brings me back to the question: what should expectations be for BC Baseball this season?

At this point in Gambino's tenure, I think the team has to finish close to .500 in ACC play and win enough of the remaining out of conference games left on the schedule to finish above .500 overall. This is his 5th season. He's been around long enough to refresh the full roster once. We improved his staff in the offseason. Yes, there is still no new field, but that is an issue out of his control.

Perhaps I am setting the bar too high. What are you thoughts?


mod34b said...

The expectations for BC baseball are very clear and unchanging: it is a team that cannot recuit ACC calibre players and cannot compete in the ACC. They are bad and always expected to be bad.

Solution: Drop BC baseball to Club status. Get the guys on the bus (they will feel like minor league players giving each other hotfoot etc) and play Harvard and Holy Cross and BU and all the others. Baseball dudes are going to luv it, especially after getting some wins.

Getting embarassed year after year below the mason-dixon line is not good, and does nothing whatsoever positive for the school.

Tim said...

Expectations are that they will be unable to play a home game until late May due to weather.

FakeShalomTfree said...

I really hope that Christian can turn the basketball program so we could discuss tournament seeding instead of expectations for the baseball team on March 2 when the field is under 6 feet of snow.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Nothing tells you more about our expectations for baseball than when our athletics director brings back a coach for a fifth year after compiling an ACC won loss record of 32 and 77 over his previous four years. Ever to excel baby.

EL MIZ said...

when was the last time the BC baseball team was competitive? are there any comparable northeast or at least cold weather schools that are competitive?

CT said...

The Red Sox?

Wait. They do spend $175m though. Must be tough to compete.

Bad analogy.

Just build a dome. Kidding.

BC is a top 30 most expensive school in the country. And they field a baseball team on Shea.

The school simply doesn't care. Too bad.

Tim said...

Last time BC fielded a competitive baseball team was 2010, and even then they barely finished above .500. Since then they've been utterly outclassed every year.

C. Scanz said...

They CAN succeed. Can they out-recruit our southern ACC foes? No. But we don't out-recruit our opponents in football or basketball either. The weather in the early season is a problem, but I don't want to hear that we cannot get good players to come to BC. We have gotten some exceptional talent, whether recruited as such or developed into (Sanchez, Campbell, Shaw, Belfiore, Chin). The team needs support from the administration, fans and neighbors.