Saturday, March 14, 2015

Women's Hockey to Frozen Four and other links

The Women's Ice Hockey team is one step closer to their championship. They advanced to the Frozen Four with a 5-1 win over Clarkson.

Unfortunately the news for the Men's team wasn't as good. After losing Saturday, they will need Game 3 on Sunday to advance in the Hockey East Tournament.

Eric Hoffses wrote a good recap of the first spring scrimmage.

Lacrosse crushed UConn.

The baseball team lost both ends of a double header with Louisville.

Ohio recruit Luke Farrell is scheduled to visit BC.


EL MIZ said...

there is so much griping about the inexperience of the OL with respect to games started, but the starting 5 in the scrimmage was, from L to R, RS senior (played in all 12 games last year), sophomore (played in 3 games last year), RS senior, RS senior, sophomore. its not as if we're starting 5 true freshman.

thrilled to read about Wade's arm and Wilson running people over. i continue to hold out hope that the Offense doesn't miss a beat and remains effective next year.

mod34b said...

Luv’d reading about Wade's accuracy. BC needs an effective short passing game.

"the sophomore looked deadly throwing the ball in tight spaces. Wade's spiral is beautiful and his timing on short to mid-range passes was spot on.He linked up with senior wide receiver Dan Crimmins multiple times, who came down with the ball in heavy traffic. Wade's precision may be able to turn Crimmins into a lethal threat over the middle. “

and on D, a new star?

“Early enrollee linebacker Jimmy Martin absolutely blew up the offensive line and made a punishing tackle on Wilson”

Jimmy Martin, Florida recruit -- a name to remember or just a good scrimmage?

CT said...

If writing wasn't involved, I would probably trust BCI's opinion a bit more.

Hoib said...

Liked what I read about McClary. We desperately need size back there. Good to hear about Wilson's hands. If he plays FB, that swing pass to the FB has produced allot of big plays for us. It would be extra nice to have an athletic guy making the catch.

mod34b said...

CT, if you are referring to reporting on the scrimmage, note that BCI report says "Unfortunately I did not get to attend, but EagleAction reporter Eric Hoffses was on location, and here is a breakdown of some of his notes"

Plus BCI's football knowledge is as weak as its football writing. You know the old adage: unclear writing reflects unclear thinking.