Sunday, April 12, 2015

Addazio working the next generation of recruits and fans

A huge part of college football is sales. You have to be out selling your program to recruits, the media and fans. For many years, BC lacked a real face of the program, salesman. Our coaches either weren't good at it, weren't particularly comfortable doing it or just didn't deem it worthy of their time. Addazio is different. We know he'll gladly talk to a reporter or attend a Wall Street dinner. His passion for recruiting is well known. But what takes it all to another level is his willingness to go talk to suburban Catholic elementary schools.

I know it is only one appearance, but can you think of any other BC coach doing that? How many Boston sports figures of his prominence are doing small appearances like that? I am not aware of a specific connection to St. Joseph's. Maybe the invite from a Catholic school with a speaker's series was all it took. Regardless, I am glad he did it and represents BC well. A few of those kids will be BC students one day and hopefully all of them will be BC fans.


eagleboston said...

This guy is the best representative BC has had in a long time. You probably have to go all the way back to Bicknell to find a coach so PR-friendly.

He is doing all of the right things to sell the program and I love his passion. Not sure why prior BC coaches avoided this. It requires so little effort but the payoff can be huge.

Thanks, Coach Daz, for making BC football fun again!

JBQ said...

This guy has to have an Irish gene for the "gift of gab".