Saturday, April 25, 2015

Croke Park won't host BC-Georgia Tech

Earlier this week, Irish media reported the Croke Park will not host a football game between Georgia Tech and Boston College. The report said negotiations had been at "advanced" stages but potential scheduling conflicts with Irish sports, not enough support from the Irish government and the falling value of the euro vs the dollar all undermined the game.

There are other potential venues that could still host a game in Ireland, but if currency and government support issues are problems, they are going to be problems in any stadium. ESPN might up payout in hopes of getting a morning game, but I doubt that will be enough. It looks like this will be held in the U.S. after all.

(Thanks to Morrissey for the link.)


mod34b said...

This is too bad. I was thinking of going to Dublin. For the game

Hoib said...

Eerie to see Croke park to those of us of Irish decent.

bc1900 said...

When did your family come to the US. Typical, ridiculous statement by someone of Irish decent. You are American, not Irish. With your line of reasoning every black person in America should feel eerie anywhere in the South. My Irish friends always laugh at Americans who think they are still Irish.

Hoib said...


My family came here in the 1880's. So what you're saying is people in Ireland today place no significance to the Croke park massacre. So next year when it's the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising no one in Ireland will care?