Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Basketball transfer updates

Central Connecticut State's Matt Mobley listed a bunch of potential landing spots, but speculation that he's favoring BC kicked up over the weekend. He's a scorer and a Mass native. He's probably the best transfer currently mentioning BC.

Michigan big man Max Bielfeldt is keeping his options -- including staying in Ann Arbor -- open. Based on his quotes, it sounds like he prefers Iowa State.

Neither Mobley nor Bielfeldt are difference makers. Both would be looking to play out their careers at a high level. Based on no other high profile transfers even mentioning BC, I think Christian is going to give the freshmen lots of minutes. The incoming transfers will just be for depth and some contribution.

As for the guys who left...Lonnie Jackson is officially headed to Boise State. Most expected him to head west and BSU has been floated as a possible outcome for a few weeks. He can play right away and if he stays healthy should be able good for at least three 3-pointers a game. 


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ATL_eagle said...

I let this stand and have used the blog to help BC folks out in the past. I take it all case by case. Good luck.