Monday, May 18, 2015

Congratulations Class of 2015

Boston College welcomed a new group of students to our family of Alumni. Congratulations to the graduates and to their families.

I question the role of BC sports in the current landscape and how it serves or distracts from the mission of the school. But I cannot question its value in connecting the community. I hope that most of today's graduates consider BC a special place. and as they watch BC sports far away from campus and not in a yellow SuperFan shirt, they will realize how lucky they were to attend CB and how special our community is.

Of course many of the graduates were BC student athletes. Congrats to them and their coaches for ensuring they crossed the ultimate finish line.

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JBQ said...

"Ever to Excel" doesn't just mean Luke Kuechly. As much as I really like "Cool Hand Luke", there were a few others in the graduating class.