Saturday, May 02, 2015

Gallik, Mihalik taken in NFL Draft

Congratulations to the newest Eagles in the NFL. First the Tennessee Titan took Andy Gallik in the sixth round Saturday. One round later, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Brian Mihalik. Both were somewhat surprising.

Most projections had Gallik going in the midrounds. Falling into the sixth means less upfront money -- and doesn't even assure a final roster spot -- but Gallik should get a fair shake in Tennessee. He's versatile enough that even if he doesn't earn a starter's spot, he can back up the interior positions.

Mihalik always seemed a long shot, but the Philadelphia connections to the current BC roster gives the Eagles a different sort of insight. Seventh rounders are regularly cut. Hopefully Brian impresses and he makes the team. His size always gives him a differentiator.

Considering the attrition and questionable lack of quality that went into Spaz's core recruiting classes, BC should be happy with two players taken. Let's hope the upcoming NFL Drafts are filled with more Eagles.

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Unknown said...

Silberman went too.