Sunday, June 07, 2015

Let Addazio barnstorm

The satellite football camps started last year with Penn State in Atlanta. This week Jim Harbaugh took it to a new level by hosting a series of camps around the country and far from Ann Arbor. These are a great idea and seem like a natural fit for Addazio's energy and approach. But our coach cannot match Harbaugh's itinerary. Per ACC rules, all of BC's camps must be within 50 miles of campus. This rule -- shared with the SEC -- is designed to protect fertile recruiting territories in the south. This stink and BC needs to lead the change on this issue.

As much as I would like to think a BC camp in Sturbridge would be as fruitful as Michigan's in Dallas, the satellites with geographic restrictions are useless to BC. We have a good feel for all the talent near campus. I would guess that most ACC and SEC schools feel the same way. The benefit of the barnstorming camps is that you reach beyond your local pool. Coaches meet kids that they will never get to visit campus and get to see them athletically in drills run by BC coaches.

The Big Ten powers are doing this to steal top talent from the SEC. Even if we created camps everywhere, BC won't suddenly bring in five stars from the Deep South. However, this could make us a factor in that tier of recruits just below the elite. Plus camps are a way to unearth a hidden gem far from New England.

Unlike many of the big state schools, we already have a natural footprint to host the camps. We could approach Jesuit schools in Southern California, Cincinnati, Dallas and Tampa and invited prospects from the region. It's a win-win for the schools, the recruits and BC. The only group hurt are the local programs.

The ACC coaches will address the issue soon. My prediction is that they will first see if they can create an NCAA rule to limit the Big Ten schools. Hopefully that fails and instead they open up the restrictions. When they do, I will volunteer to host the first BC camp in my backyard.


Big Jack Krack said...

The new and emerging recruiting realities are interesting - and troubling in many ways. Schools are offering 8th graders now - pitiful.

As I posted earlier, but gained no discussion - Speaking of new recruiting realities, how about the disparity in cost of attendance stipends issue? This whole thing makes me sick in many ways. Even the SEC is trying to figure it out. Tennessee can give a recruit $5,666, while Kentucky can only give $2,284 in comparison. This is ridiculous - and I think I read that BC has established its stipend as $1300 through some full cost of tuition calculation.

We're at the bottom of the ACC in stipends - not surprising. This is not good, and just another disadvantage for our coaches on the recruiting trail.

I don't like stipends, but if we must have them, don't give one school a $4,000 advantage over another. It's a wonder how this was voted in.

You can barnstorm all you want, but the $ factor is now a potential big problem.

dixieagle said...

I think you're right, BJK. Perception equals reality, sadly, and the perception is that BC is cheap re: stipends. I admit I find all of that confusing and baffling.

Re: recruiting, there are some excellent, near-powerhouse Catholic high schools down here. (McGill-Toolen, our local Mobile Catholic H.S. played a spring game against perennial Alabama power Hoover and tied them.) A number of excellent students have gone to BC from McT; no reason to think that the occasional outstanding athlete wouldn't. Two recent Catholic High School valedictorians from Alabama (Mobile and Montgomery) play for MIT's football team. I'd love to see BC at least make the occasional effort down here.

JBQ said...

The bottom line is just how well Addazio does next year. If BC can pull a rabbit "out of hat", then the other issues are inconsequential. My fear is that the BC program will disintegrate with a horrific season. This is what happened at Temple in year three. If Coach can get past that, then BC is home free. Addazio has the enthusiasm. Does he have the expertise? Can Fitch and Brown carry the water buckets? I am afraid that the answer is no. That is the Achilles Heel for BJK. He would ride with "The Charge of the Light Brigade" without batting an eye. I pray that his loyalty will be rewarded. I am just not so sure. During St. Patrick's Day week, I went to the Athletic offices and talked with "Affton" in the Football Offices and "Jill" in the offices of Brad Bates. When I came out of the Church of St. Ignatius, a male individual tried to intimidate me by running into me. I was quizzical. I then went to the book store to buy BC shirts. While walking down the hill, 3 individuals crossed the street and tried to intimidate me once again by running into me. This time, I threw an elbow and the big one wanted to fight. We shall see if Addazio has the credentials quickly or if he is all "smoke and mirrors". I don't think that Wade will do Bo Didley and Flutie will be allowed to hold for extra points. My prediction is that unless Addazio takes control of a shaky program that he will soon be booking a seat on the Long Island Railroad.

CT said...


I think God is telling me to feel bad were I to comment.

Um, is there a way to block things I gave up reading a while ago?

Not being facetious.

But I do think the proverbial cliff has been reached and gravity won.

CT said...

BJK, this was one reason why I was against the pay for play philosophy that gets crammed down the throats of the non believers, i.e. the people who don't accept the idea that college football players are slave laborers.

Don't play football if you're insulted. Not a soul in the world is forcing you to market your skills for the NFL, potential employers, etc. The NCAA has many faults but it's just piling on at this point. Kinda tiresome truth be told. But the idea that Texas or Alabama or some other football factory would accept a level playing field...they already start at the 50 yd line in the 100 yd dash. If they can get an extra yard to start the race, they will. Especially when the SEC just gave every school 30 million this past year. Yes, you're welcome Vanderbilt.

How was this voted in? I think we know. But I guess the stand our school took is all too antiquated. At least that's what we've been told, those of us stuck in the leather helmet era.

Wait. I graduated in the 90's.

Maybe it's the same thing.