Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maryland pushing for alcohol sales; when should BC try?

Maryland is the latest college sports program exploring alcohol sales at football and basketball games. Their logic -- like the other schools that have implemented similar programs -- is that the stadium sales increases revenue and decreases binge drinking. Current ACC schools, Miami, Syracuse and Louisville sell alcohol at events. At what point should BC try this?

The limited and restrictive nature of tailgating at BC games is a common complaint. The school also dislikes the late arriving crowd. Would serving beers and wine in Alumni make people happy and get fans to their seats on time? What sort of revenue boost would it provide? BC probably has some preliminary data from the UMass game at Gillette last season.

The local neighborhoods might object to giving BC a liquor license, but any reduction in tailgating might sway the approval boards. We've tried all sorts of other measures. Why not this?


Napolean Bonaparte said...

"The local neighborhoods might object to giving BC a liquor license ..." Ya think so?

Big Jack Krack said...

I always thought NCAA rules prohibited sales of alcohol at games.

If that is not the case (any longer), perhaps BC should at least investigate the pros and cons.

eagleboston said...

Probably not a god idea. Alcohol brings a lot of problems and the 3 hour game works well in drying out excessive tailgaters. Plus, knowing BC's propensity to over-charge for everything, a beer will probably cost $10.

JBQ said...

Tail gating in the parking garage, so why is everyone late? My solution is to put an artificial cover over the reservoir. Boy if BC could turn that into a lake, they would be the envy of the entire 128 D-1 schools. You could play outdoor hockey and have swimming events. Who was it that sang "all you have to do is dream"? The Everly Brothers have the answer. If you don't dream, then this Fall will drive you to drink. There may be more fun getting drunk down by the reservoir than going to watch the Titanic sink.

CT said...


Hoib said...

I think it's worth a shot. So many fans biggest interest seems to be tailgating. I enjoy it myself, but I think the games the thing. so doing this might get more interest where it belongs, on the field. Beer was sold at the Pinestripe Bowl, it didn't seem to cause problems that I could see, unless our kicker was knocking down a few beers along w/ his Kicks.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with Hoib - the game is my thing. Even in the "old days", we'd have our tailgate, but always get to our seats on-time. I haven't had a beer for 25 years, but I admit to sneaking cans into Alumni as a natural adjunct to the tailgate. :-)

Tailgating was easier "back in the day", and I have parked on Shea, the Beacon Street Garage and on campus right next to Bapst and Gasson. Now I park on Upper Brighton when I have a car rental, and I can't even offer someone a sandwich and a can of beer or glass of wine. Pitiful.

If fans could buy a beer in the stadium, it might be okay as in the Pinstripe Bowl. I know what eagleboston is saying, but the price of a beer would keep most people from buying too many IMHO.

I quit drinking beer at the games before I actually quit drinking. Reason - too long a walk to the men's room would lead to missing some great action - especially during the Flutie years. One needs a strong bladder to drink beer in the EE section. :-)

Hoib said...


I think I've solved the riddle. Just Being Quirky!