Monday, August 03, 2015

Checking in on BC NFL Alumni

BC's camp doesn't start for another week, but former BC guys are all over NFL practice fields. Here are some of their stories:

Andre Williams made some headlines when he said the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. It wasn't a bold proclamation like Joe Namath...more like the power of positive thinking.

Edebali is playing well in New Orleans.

Raji reported to Green Bay in good shape. It is the lightest he's been since BC.

Matt Ryan has a new offense and some new facial hair.


Mr. Dark said...

Reminds me associated with channel elation Andrei within a good blue even think it has called that that gorgeous accomplish burgundy bread I’m such as shell Prodroxatone match not this is it is a lot nicer i’ll this has merely beautiful like good an little bit greater than swatch intended for anyone check out that cool say your camera and is the item gorgeous as well as.

BCMike said...

Totally agree with Mr. Dark.

Hoib said...

not sure I should comment. Seems like I could be headed to the twilight zone.

JBQ said...

Atlanta really had some problems. No one could block for Matt and then Julio Jones got hurt. That was it. Jones is that good. Hopefully, the new coach will be able to develop the total package around Mattie Ice. Ryan plays the game the way it was meant to be played. It reminds you of the railroad going through wide open spaces with Indians chasing the last of the buffalo. For that reason, I do not like Addazio's offense. It is downright offensive to the integrity of the game. We shall learn quickly if it will work at BC. Game three will have Florida State and Golston. The two minnows will tell us nothing. Until that time, we'll have to wait and see.

CT said...

Obsessed with Golson much? Dude may not even start. But you might still spell his name right.

Julio Jones played 15 games last year-104 catches for almost 1,600 yds. His injury was the previous season.

If you think the spread offense is offensive to the integrity of the game, I wonder which service academy you will adopt because they're just about the only ones not running some variation of it. Hopefully it'll be near the buffalo.

Big Jack Krack said...

Too funny.

JBQ said...

@CT: It is "Golson". Julio was hurt the previous year. Nevertheless, Dougie Boi would have been cut long ago instead of winning the Heisman in 1984. Joe Montana would not have all of those rings. That is the criticism of Mattie Ice. The glamor quarterback is now nothing more than a running back instead of being a combination of both in Paul Hornung who was the true "golden boy from the golden dome". It is a matter of excitement instead of watching a "butcher chop steaks". I happened to be in Nashville to watch Cutler of Vanderbilt play "long ball" with Eli of Ol' Miss. It was a lot of fun. Isn't that the purpose of college ball? You have fun and draw the kids. It is all about generating enthusiasm and not money. When I watch BC play, I then have nightmares of lumberjacks cutting down trees. Flutie to Phelan was a work of art. Ryan to Gunnell and then again to Callender in the final 2:11 against Virginia Tech was nirvana. To put it bluntly, Addazio's offense is boring. When you market a product, you want skyrockets going off. This is like watching popcorn pop. Is it any wonder that the Notre Dame game at Fenway has been shuffled off, not to "Buffalo", but to cable.