Monday, August 17, 2015

Follett tries to fool me again

As I've mentioned, I receive catalogs from Boston College and University of Georgia. Both are produced by Follett and as I found out a few years ago, Follett uses some of the same models for both catalogs. Once again, both catalogs arrived on the same day, yet they seemingly had different models for each school. It was almost as if the people at Follett knew I was on the lookout for the overlap. But then, on the final page of the BC catalog, I found him! The African-American guy hanging out at both tailgates. The guy and girl with him are different in each, but he's at both. The guy gets around.

For BC fans, the tailgate picture is just a series of inside jokes. Not only is the weather perfect and the parking space spacious, there are no wrist bands! And where are the campus police in the picture enforcing the restrictions?

Other than the "Where's Waldo?" aspect of getting the catalogs, there is plenty of cool BC stuff to ogle. Mark Richt is in the Georgia catalog, but still no Addazio in the BC one. Maybe he needs to win a few more games before he adds modeling to his resume.


Tim said...

That is the most meager tailgate spread I've ever seen.

GP11 said...


Pete Frates mother, Nancy, was featured on this week's TED Talk Radio Hour... the show combines highlights of her own TED Talk about Pete's journey as well as a more in depth interview about how the Ice Bucket Challenge became such a focal point for raising money for ALS research. Well worth your time.

BCMike said...

Aren't all three the same in both?

mod34b said...

girl, pick-up, white SUV, flag, ground, all look the same

(feel like I am reading Highlights magazine.... a favorite of mine from yesteryear!)

ATL_eagle said...

The guy on the right is definitely different. The girl might be the same, but I don't think so. My picture doesn't do her justice.