Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How much influence will Addazio have on Fitch's play calling?

In addition to our QBs, Todd Fitch enters the season as a bit of a question mark. Will the new BC play caller shape the offense into his own view or will he adopt Addazio's run-first mentality? Fitch will be Addazio's third OC. Based on the play calling with Addazio's previous two OCs, I think we will remain decidedly run first.

BC 2014: 18.6 passes per game
BC 2013:  20.6 passes per game
Temple 2012:  20.1 passes per game
Temple 2011: 15.2 passes per game

For comparison, Fitch threw the ball at a fairly consistent rate in his previous FBS OC jobs.

South Florida 2012: 34.1 passes per game
South Florida 2011: 36.1 passes per game
South Florida 2010: 24.8 passes per game
East Carolina 2009: 32.2 passes per game
East Carolina 2008: 29.8 passes per game
East Carolina 2007: 30.3 passes per game

My guess is that BC will pass less than 20 times a game this year. It makes sense. We have a green QB, a talented backfield and a Head Coach who wants to run. If we do become pass-happy, you know it will be due to Fitch taking over the play calling.


EagleOutDere said...

Last year the team showed a lot of creativity in its offensive running plays. Not all of it worked, but it did spread opposing D's even though they were expecting us to run the ball. I'm concerned that this creativity might suffer, with Ryan Day's departure.

Hoib said...

I think Daz wants >20 passes per game period no matter who is the QB. Fitch will call the plays w/ in that constraint as Day did. Those of u who want an aerial circus, just wait a day. The NFL is pass crazy. I like Daz's approach to the game and hope he has a long and fruitful tenure. If he keeps upgrading the talent, we will be fine. My biggest concern is the kicker. You can't give away points particularly when you play smash mouth.

Andrew said...

grammar police: BC will pass fewer (not less) than 20 times

NEDofSavinHill said...

If the QBs are ineffective expect to see 15 or fewer passes a game. Run four out of five plays, play field position and hope the D is exceptional. The only throws will be flanker screens, swing passes and dump offs to the tight end. A parent of a player said the season will depend on QB play in anticipating a decent o-line. Two highly ranked teams BC will face this year are FSU and ND. Both had mediocre defenses last year. FSU gave up 170 rushing yards a game and 25 points. ND gave up 29. The media experts are telling everyone how strong those two are and are given BC with a vastly superior defense to both no chance. Don't buy the hype. Every commentator at ESPN has been required to claim that the ACC will be left out of the playoffs as the weakest conference. This is the same orchestrated disinformation campaign that they used to downgrade Matt Ryan's skills and deny him a shot at the Heisman. The college football press has as much credibility as the financial press had when covering Madoff.

mod34b said...

Daz is in charge. Not Fitch. Fitch will obey as did the very overrated and docile Ryan Day.

Not only less than 22 passes per game, the yards per attempt will among the lowest in the ACC. Daz may try to spread the field wide, but not long. Opposing DBs will creep up without fear of the long ball. Daz is very fixed in his run philosophy (i'd much rather see Matt Ryan style ball), but he will make some adjustments based on talent.

Last year was a low for even Daz in pass attempts per game, but that likely due to having a wide receiver for a QB (murphy) and having a slow QB as a receiver (Bordner). if Wade can throw above 60-65% accuracy, i think Daz will throw more as the season progresses - up to 25 per game.

can our inexperienced O-line live up to the challenges? reports say they are not yet getting the job done in scrimmages. will the fat boys gel?

Daz also needed to prop up our D by a ball-control-oriented offense. we held ball for 33 minutes per game last year. about 6 minutes better than 2 years earlier. 6 minutes is huge ~ almost a full quarter of offense our D does not need to defend. Ball control keeps the D from getting too tired.

Can our young DBs play better than recent DBs (think how PSU shredded our DBs)? our D had good numbers last year due in large part to our offense controlling the clock. Not sure how good they are against good passing teams.

Can our DL create pressure? they have not done so recently, even with some NFL calibre players

lotta questions .

CT said...

Wow. I actually agree.

Wade's progress will be determined by that offensive line. That nearly completely new offensive line. Can you imagine the step up between what those guys will see vs. Maine and what they'll get the following week?

It'd be nice to have some older WRs (is Sherm made of glass?), but that's only part and parcel of why I think this year's team will struggle. Unless you're just a transcendent talent, young QBs almost always let you down.

Maximize time of possession. Minimize big plays. Think we've seen that before.