Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Nosovitch's family confirms transfer UPDATED

[UPDATED: According to Justin Rowland, he will be an H-back. That adds some nice depth.]

After a day of speculation, the family of former South Carolina QB and TE Brendan Nosovitch confirmed to their local paper that he is transferring to BC. Nosovitch is a slightly unusual case in that he's a graduate transfer but still has two years of eligibility remaining. What position he will play in his final two years remains the unanswered question.

Nosovitch was considered enough of a prospect to get multiple QB offers out of high school. He never cracked the top level of the QB depth chart at South Carolina, so he moved to a TE/H-Back role for a season and then back to QB for another. The talk out of South Carolina is that he left specifically to play QB somewhere else.

BC looked at many potential QB transfers this offseason but never engaged with one who was worth blowing up the homegrown depth. For example, if Braxton Miller wanted to play, you take him even at the risk of alienating Wade or Flutie. But as we know, Miller didn't leave Ohio State. Is Nosovitch -- who is as unproven at this stage as Wade -- worth the risk?

Then there is the timing. By coming in now, he is well behind the other QBs in getting ready for the season. Does that exclude him from playing? No. But if a QB who couldn't crack the South Carolina depth chart walks into a starting position with us, then things were in worse shape than any of us thought. Or, he is going to be a TE/H-back with BC too. This seems more logical, but doesn't explain the comments coming out of South Carolina.

We will soon know about Nosovitch officially. My hope is that he is coming in as an athlete and that we are in good hands with Wade.


Big Jack Krack said...

Don't know what to say about this, except that we have Wade and Flutie and some freshmen coming in who look very good.

I don't want to alienate the players who we recruited! And we don't need controversy and dissension. Tyler Murphy's timing was just right. Brendan Nosovitch will have to be a real leader and unite this team, if he is to move into the QB rotation.

Go BC - figure this out.

mod34b said...

I think we need another experienced TE/H-back -- we have what? 2 experienced TE types? This is a good addition, with the bonus of NosoV being a QB if disaster strikes. Also, increases the possibility of some successful trickeration!

Kinda a Josh Bordner replacement with much better speed (4.6 in 40) and undoubtedly better throwing skills

I like the 5th year pipeline from the SEC too.

JBQ said...

This is really a "head scratcher".

Napolean Bonaparte said...

He's a player with potential - like anybody else. At the end of the day its about putting the best players you have on the field. There are no promises - noses out of joint, their history before BC are irrelevant. Wade and Flutie will get their opportunities. The best all around kid according to the coaches during training gets the first crack. Its not about the strongest arm or the best legs. Its about who does best at impressing the coaches that he can move the offense down the field. And that might not be completely understood until into the season.

eagleboston said...

It's been awhile since I looked at the roster, but I seem to remember we were lacking depth at the tight end position, so this may be a wise move.

Knucklehead said...

Plus he provides some insight into Spurriers' philosophy on offense. That can only help.

Hoib said...


Right on the mark, as usual. I'd also add that it shows Daz calls em like he sees em. Brining this kid in could put Louie on the bench, but he's coming any way