Sunday, August 09, 2015

Practice officially begins and other links

The team, coaches (and fans) all seem excited about the start of practices. The guys have been working together all summer, but now the coaches can get involved. We all know the priorities: OLine, QB and getting the young guys ready.

The school also unveiled the renovated locker room.

New Eagle Jake Burt got attention form his hometown paper.

Olivier Hanlan signed with with Lithuanian team Zalgiris. After a very disappointing Summer League, this seemed inevitable. Let's hope he developes in Europe and didn't waste his final year of eligibility.


JBQ said...

The "truth" will soon be apparent. Hopefully, it will be a "good" truth. The "focus" will rightfully be on Wade. The question of his talent is only half of the puzzle. Will he be able to lead? Tidbits state that he will "run, run, run" for his first season under center. If he can't pass, then BC will see 9 man lines. Only the great Jim Brown of Syracuse could beat 9 man lines. Hopefully, Fitch will "pull a rabbit out of a hat". If the rabbit dies, then not only is there a pregnancy but a very long season.

Mr. Dark said...

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Tim said...

Not sure which of the two comments above makes less sense.

mod34b said...

Tim => "like"


mod34b said...

Daz on this year's offensive approach: same as last year.

“The quarterback thing, Darius has been here now a year and a half. So even though he doesn’t have a lot of playing experience, at least he’s been in the system for a while. So hopefully he can hit the ground with a little bit of confidence.

I hope Daz wants to throw more and Wade can throw more.