Thursday, August 27, 2015

Previews of Howard and Maine

Here is a preview of Howard. They are replacing much of their offensive talent. As a bad FCS team, I don't think all their new talent will make them suddenly better.

The Maine game wasn't really close last year. Should this year be any different? Maine's QB situation remains uncertain. Against our Defense that could be a huge problem.


Big Jack Krack said...

What, no interest, Brad? The first game will draw 25 - 30K. The second game, the Pride of Brad Bates will be lucky to draw 20K.

While we are improving and getting better players and better coaching, interest in BC Football is really low (sort of like all-time low) because of the front loaded crappy schedule.

I'm okay with Maine, but not followed by another FCS Team with which we have no ties.

20,000 sets of cheeks in the seats, or less. Look out Duke and Wake Forest - we're gaining on you in the race to the attendance bottom in the ACC.

CT said...

This program should take on the underdog attitude of "anyone, anytime, anywhere." It's the best way to escape the extreme parochialism that the program suffers from. Instead, we get job-security wins for the coach and the AD over two minor league teams. Coaches should be recruiting kids saying "yeah, we lost, but so what? We'll take all comers and we'll kick their ass next time." Whoa. Slow down. Is that Be a Dude enough for the team? I'd always rather try and fail than not try and count wins. Ever to the Sun Bowl I guess.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm with CT for sure. Seems as though there were some very good teams available as possible opponents, but the AD settled for Howard.

Stanford, Baylor, Mississippi State, one or two other SEC teams, maybe a Big(ger) Ten team or two (as examples). No thanks, I'll settle for (with all due respect) Howard.

Wow, what a disappointment. And what's worse, he's got Maine and Howard back to back!!!

The SEC camouflages their second cupcake on the week before their rivalry game - certainly not (usually anyway) back to back to start the season.

We are BC! We are - BC! Come on, Brad - lead us out of the wilderness! Be a Dude!

Patrick Lerman said...

What an utter disgrace we are playing two Fcs games to start the season. Let's give Uconn and UMASS a call!

Knucklehead said...

Nobody wants to play us and it has been a historical problem. Inside college football,coaches and ADs, know that our teams are tough and have the potential to beat anyone. The media gives us no respect especially locally since most of the new generation writers and talkers didn't get accepted to Boston College(Michael Felger, Chris Gasper). In the 30's and 40's we used to play Yale who was the perennial college football power. They stopped playing BC consciously on account of the fact that we beat them up annually; remember we finished the 1941 season #1 with a bunch of Irish immigrants(my grandfather was an All American athlete at Yale during the time with first hand knowledge). Then you look at BC v. Texas in the 1970's when we beat Texas, in Chestnut Hill, when they were in their heyday. The next set of "upsets" was Doug et al beating Miami, Alabama, Penn State among others in the 80's. In the 90's you had Coughlin and his upstarts(dotted all over the NFL)take out Notre Dame. Then we had O'B build a consistent nationally respected program that hung with everyone including/beating Georgia and Virginia Tech. Now with Addazio we have good wins against USC, Virginia Tech.

Too much risk to play BC when the conference schedules are maxed out and predefined. Enjoy the weather the next few weeks the rest of the season after Howard/Maine will be awesome.