Saturday, August 15, 2015

Reading into the First Scrimmage

Eric Hoffses and BC both put up recaps (EH's and BC's) of Saturday's first scrimmage. As always this time of year, it seems like the Defense is ahead of the Offense.

Despite the talk, the QB position is settled. Wade took all of the 70 first-team snaps. Even BC's own reporting and Addazio's quotes say that he was a little off Saturday. Feeling and adjusting to pressure was an issue. As for the backups, Flutie was inaccurate and Smith seemed okay. Robinson only took 12 snaps with the second team.

Everyone seems happy with the running backs. Outlow had the biggest impact. Promising freshman OL Lindstrom played on the right side and opened some good holes. Hoffses also noted Glines' nice catches.

The D put plenty of pressure on. Landry made the most noise and that's a good sign. We need him to bring more pressure this year. Brown's D losses its effectiveness if there isn't pressure on the QB.

I am still concerned about how raw our QBs are, but if the other areas of the team make up the difference, we can be okay. Addazio pointed out that there is a long way to go and plenty of practices ahead. The biggest thing to follow is how Wade adjusts week to week.


JBQ said...

I am a Flutie fan and don't like the offense. We shall see and we shall see rather quickly. Until that time, I will sit on my hands.

Big Jack Krack said...

We may have some holes in terms of depth/experience - but "we've got people".

I am feeling real good about our players and this year is maybe a growing year, and we'll steal some games.

But moving forward - wow. Here comes BC!

Go BC.