Monday, September 07, 2015

Addazio talks to the media and and other links

Addazio held his normal Monday press conference. He seemed a little defensive about the criticism of the offensive line. I agree with Daz that there was some good line play. It just wasn't as consistent as we need. He also thinks that Thadd Smith has real upside.

BC alums Matt Ryan and Luke Kuechly sell a lot of NFL jerseys.

Women's Soccer lost to St. John's.

NFL rosters are still being tweaked, but there is still good news for former Eagles. Tyler Murphy is on the Steelers' roster Brian Mihalik and Chris Pantale made the Eagles practice squad.

Both Men's and Women's Golf had decent starts to their seasons. The men finished 5th at Turning Stone. The women were fourth at the Red Bird Invitational.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Atl. assessment of the Maine game was correct. It was what one would expect for a first outing. Hope Daz saw the VT game last night. Can't expect your QB to go unscathed all year. Get #2 and #3 some reps in case you need them. How many big name stars have already been knocked out of action? Don't put too much of a burden on Alston. Let him be a punt returner and a wr. Let Dudeck return kicks until Willis is back. 2. The college football preview on Fox had all of their experts claiming the Pac 12 was the top conference. The preview on ESPN and CBS had the SEC as the top conference. Remember these are all objective assessments and the fact that the network has a large financial stake in a particular conference has no impact on their employees positions. They are as impartial as the financial rating agencies. Those rating agencies gave a grade A rating to Lehman Brothers and Bear-Sterns hours before those businesses imploded. Always bear in mind that those networks have a dog in the fight. Did the BIG 10 network pick their conference as the best? 3. The results from the weekend were not good for the Pac 12 and the Big 10. The Pac 12 went 7-5 with two of their ranked teams losing. The Big 10 went 8-6 with Indiana prevailing by one point. The ACC went 10-4. Their losses were to the #1, #6 and # 13 teams. None of the ACC ranked teams lost. Louisville outplayed Auburn. They have a vastly superior QB. The Auburn QB looked like the UNC and Michigan QBs. Way too many turnovers. The SEC had the best record going 13-1. All games are played in Dixie however.

CT said...

Just put Ohio State in the playoff. Their schedule is a JOKE. The Big 10 is pretty awful and their non-conference schedule is absurdly easy. Meyer and the Big 10 are gaming the system. Put them in a tougher conference, not just the SEC, any conference really and they'd lose at least two games. In the SEC, probably closer to four. Jones is a big lug with questionable accuracy. But man is he a big dude.

LSU's game vs. McNeest St. was cancelled due to weather or else the SEC would've been 14-1. What a whipping Tex A&M put on ASU. Ouch. And Alabama just has better athletes than Wisconsin. It's as close to affirmation of the prevailing narrative about the south as can be had.

I hope I'm wrong but college football is trending more toward a BPL (or EPL) system where only a small handful of teams have a legitimate shot at the playoffs. As much as I disagree with, well, pretty much everything NED types, I do think the propaganda machine is unfairly weighted toward certain narratives that, for instance, weren't correct even just last year (and trust me when I say that SEC fans always have an excuse: "we lost because we didn't care. We only care about championships"...etc). But attitudes in the media won't change until there is SUSTAINED success from other conferences/teams rather than what may just be an outlier year (2014). Until that happens, nothing will change. Not even the level of sanity on this board.

mod34b said...

CT, as to tOSU, you say "Put them in a tougher conference, not just the SEC, any conference really and they'd lose at least two games. ."

I'd say tOSU 2015-16 is a better team that last year's model.

As we know, tOSU beat 'Bama in 2015 and if you ask Nick Saban about how good tOSU is, he has no doubt about Ohio State ability: "They're capable of playing with any team in the country,'' he said.

tOSU has some very fast and very agile guys. ... not sure the 'fat guys' from the SEC could hold tOSU in check.

on another point, do you think NedofSavin and Knucklehead are somehow connected, maybe really KnuckleheadofSavinhill?

CT said...

It's a fair point. But I'm of the belief that week in and week out the grind takes a toll. It's easy resting guys after three qrts vs Indiana or Purdue or half a dozen other Big 10 teams. OSU is talented. No doubt about it. But, come on, they have one tough game on their schedule. One.

Those two if not the same are cyber-cousins. I don't put much stock in things typed that in my mind are incongruous with reality. And facts.

On a BC related note, however, I really like Va Tech's defense. Especially their front four. Too bad their QB got banged up. Man they are aggressive and talented up front. Their backup QB can't throw the ball but if they figure out a simple scheme, I like their chances.

Knucklehead said...

It must be terrible to have your best interpersonal connection in life be with someone named CT on a BC football message board.

My favorite line after 6 years on the heights and two degrees was "sucks to be you."

Big Jack Krack said...

I thought that UNC could have/should have beaten South Carolina, so they were just as good - except for the Head Coaches. I thought that Louisville was the equal of Auburn, although they lost (the fumble return for the TD didn't help their cause, nor the weirdness at the end of the game [eh Bobby?]). Auburn is voted #1 choice to win the SEC.

Virginia Tech had a tall task as this was supposed to be the year Ohio State was going to be really good, rather than last year. :-) Really tough when you lose your QB.

Virginia never had a chance against UCLA - but isn't Virginia voted last in the Coastal Division, or close to it? I think UCLA is the pre-season favorite to win it all on the Pacific Coast.

Hate to say it, but ND looks pretty darn good, although Texas might be pretty sad. We'll get a better idea after they play GT and Clemson. Zaire looks like the real deal all the way, and they have a lot of weapons and experience this year.

Alabama took care of Wisconsin, but we don't know if Wisconsin ever recovered from the 59 to 0 loss to tOSU last season.

CT said...

Did you just degree drop Knuckle? How cute. All those degrees and you didn't write "it sucks to BU?" Get your money back.

BJK. Good points. UNC blew that game. ND looks good. Too early to tell obviously but I do hope we play with more emotion on Saturday. Because that's what we're missing.

Knucklehead said...

I wrote it that way because it was in reference to Mod34 not BU. Sad I have to explain that.

You must be a complete bozo to harp on the fact that I said emotion is a big part of success in college football. If you don't believe it does you have zero credibility.

You have nothing wiseguy.

CT said...

Emotion is a big part. I'm impressed by the fact that you deduced from your vantage point somewhere not in the locker room that in our season-opener at home that we had too little of it. I'm surprised anyone would think that because we struggled against Maine, it must be attributable to emotion. You can be sky high and still not know who to block. You type silly things.

Hoib said...

I think this blog could be allot more fun w/o all this petty oneupmenship. Maybe you guys can figure out where Joseph went and continue it over there. Or maybe you can be like Ned and just make your points.

Knucklehead said...

Ramble on CT.

CT said...

Well Hoib. Really appreciate that. However. 1. I don't ever want to say the things Ned does. Because 2. It is not based on facts. Because 3. It has an agenda. 4. Who is this Joseph of whom you speak? 5. Is he at BCI like you? 6. Do I have to agree with you over there? 7. Rarely. 8. Big boys can take care of themselves. 9. This blog's value is solely in the effort put in by its creator. Anyone who has done something similar understands that and isn't offended by someone who says "wiseguy" a lot. 10. Is that better? 11. I've rambled.

mod34b said...

Down with Hoib! (chill old eagle... a little jocularity is needed)

Flush Knucklehead (and quickly close the lid)

very glad Joseph vaporized

Go CT., you 1950's wiseguy you ha!

Hoib said...

Too bad for ATL, and all his hard work. Soon it'll just be Mod and CT here.

mod34b said...

Hoib, on 12-16-2014 you promised to leave

"everyone else on this blog are an insufferable p.i.a. Life is too short to waste on a clown like you. Good bye."

wha happened??

Really, Hoib, lighten up dude. It's a sports blog.... nobody needs you playing morals cop or blog policeman....