Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Around the ACC

The college football landscape is huge, but BC's world remains really small. I think most agree that we are not a playoff contender, so all that really matters is our place within the ACC. Like us, many ACC teams took it easy this week and played FCS teams. However a few didn't and even those who did suffered big injuries. This is what we need to know:

Pitt -- barely won their FCS game and lost their key playmaker James Conner. We don't play the Panthers this year, but a setback for them is probably good news for us. If Pitt is not bowl eligible this year, any potential waiver for a 6-6 BC season becomes a little easier. 

Syracuse -- they lost Terrel Hunt for the year. They weren't expected to be good with him. This might get ugly without him. 

Brutal Losses
Louisville and Virginia Tech
Both deserve credit for scheduling tough openers. Those games are high risk-high reward and now both are forced to regroup after their opener. Virginia Tech also lost their starting QB. He should be back by the time we play them, but this could disrupt their season.

Better than Expected
Wake Forest -- it was only against Elon, but Wake looked good. The Offense -- which was an issue all year -- put up a lot of points. This game might be tougher than we thought. 


Bravesbill said...

I wouldn't classify the Louisville loss as brutal at all. They outplayed Auburn and should have won the game and their freshman quarterback looks really good. Turnovers just killed them though.

mod34b said...

off point

I like the new game pick 'em feature.

this was the line up last week

Stanford -11 at Northwestern

Louisville +11.5 at Auburn

BYU + 6 at Nebraska

Penn State -7 at Temple

Troy +26 at NC State

Arizona State +3.5 at Texas A&M

Texas +9.5 at Notre Dame

UNLV +23 at Northern Illinois

Wisconsin +12 at Alabama

Ohio State -13.5 at Virginia Tech

I got 30% right and 70% wrong. I only correctly picked (with the points +/-) TAMU, tOSU and 'Bama

Having done many of these in various office pool, most people wind up around 40-60% correct with the points. Essentially, if you picked teams randomly (or non-rationally e.g., I prefer teams with Orange to teams with green colors), you'd wind up with 50% right and 50% wrong. So my picks, err, guesses, were worse than random! ha.

mod34b said...

meanwhile, ATL was fairly impressive: he got 60% right and 40% wrong...

dixieagle said...

Oh great. I'm finally going to make it up for a game (Wake Forest) and had hoped they'd be pushovers.

CT said...

Maybe that Louisville loss was brutal because they could've won that game, I don't know. I sincerely hope Auburn's QB is as we saw him last week. I can't stand them. Of course, Petrino is an awful person, so there's that. Sad to see Connor go out so early.

Knucklehead said...

Petrino's timeout call at the end of the game was brutal.

Big Jack Krack said...

Too bad for Connor and several others.

Petrino is easy to dislike and hate. He has to be a criminal, fostering an atmosphere of non-compliance. His college teams do very well, but the pro stint showed he was an awful coach, a worse person, and a coward.

Meanwhile, we have to climb Louisville now, as well as Clemson and FSU and sometimes others too.

Go BC - beat FSU.

I wish for no injuries all year, but especially this Sat., Brad.