Sunday, October 25, 2015

Addazio on bowl eligibility

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During the game, the ACC announcers said BC was not eligible for a bowl because of the two FCS games. And based on how they explained it, it sounded like Addazio conceded the point during their game prep conversations. It surprised me that Addazio would vocalize something like that. It is just not his personality. It obviously surprised others, because one media member did bring it up during Addazio's post game conference. Here is how BC captured the exchange:
On the TV broadcast, an analyst said something to the effect that Steve Addazio knows a bowl game isn't in the cards this year. Do you still believe this team can make a bowl this season?

"I'm glad he's speaking for me. I'm just worried about getting a first down right now. I'm worried about winning. I don't really sit there and go through all that stuff, when you're in the middle of this right now, playing a bunch of young guys and you have a bunch of injuries like we do right now you're trying to find the right pieces to win. That's where I'm at right now. As Mike just said it right there, he said that to me, I'm sure were up against it right now, no question; because we need seven this year we don't need six we need seven; but right now, my total focus is, trying to shore up where all the leaks are right now and they keep coming.

This is what Addazio should be saying. Getting a first down should be a primary concern. Most BC fans know that there is a path to a bowl game with just 6 wins. But Addazio is smart enough to know not to over explain it to the media. Let's hope he pulls things together and explaining BC's bowl challenges becomes a necessary conversation.


Matt said...

when will he give an answer that doesn't blame injuries and playing young players? man, for a guy who talks about accountability he really doesn't exhibit any

mod34b said...

going for first downs? good, you are the worst in the ACC, P5, and all of FBS. your offense Daz does not produce first down...seeing a problem

After the Louisville loss, here are stats from CFB nationally against FBS opponents.

our Offense numbers continue to be horrible. Notably, our rushing offense, the central focus of our offense is #90/128 (bottom 70% percent) , and that is our most impressive number

Scoring O: still last of all 128 FBS teams
RedZone success: 3rd to last (126) (up 2 spots)
Total O : Dead last 128 (down 3 spots)
FGs: 124/128 (up 2)
First downs: dead last (128) (down 3)
Yards per Rush 118/128 (down 28 spots)
Rushing O - 90/128 (down 45 spots! )
Passing O - 125/128 no change
3rd down conversion - 127/128 down 2 spots

The D is still "statistically" excellent

scoring D 8th same
total D 4th (-2)
rushing d 3rd (-1)
passing D 25th (-2)

perkindc said...

Superfans know that Jerry York had 3 consecutive losing seasons at BC before he finally turned it around, right?

dixieagle said...

But Jerry York exhibited coaching skills from the get-go.

mod34b said...

Miami just fired Al Golden.

He had 4 years left on his contract at $2.5M per year.

That is to say, Miami is taking a hit of $10,000,000 to can Golden.

If firing Daz would lead to an increase of attendance of 10,000 more fans per game (yes, a bit rosy), and each fan netted $30 for BC, then BC would increase revenue by $2,100,000 per year (10k x $30 x 7). Firing Daz will pay for itself!


BC $2.2 billion
UM $865 million.

SaturdaysOnShea said...

BC is still paying Frank Spaziani not to be our coach, there is no way they fire Addazio.

Now, firing Todd Fitch and hiring Al Golden as OC is a different story.

JBQ said...

"mod34b" has some horrifying stats. "SaturdaysOnShea" has the stop gap answer. The "Boston Herald" just had an article "blaming the young players" and inexperience. That is the "cover story".

mod34b said...


BC will be done paying Spaz this year. So that's nto a problem

From 2011 Espn note:

"In the midst of a season of change in the ACC, BC has opted for stability and extended coach Frank Spaziani's contract for two years (through the 2015 season), the school announced on Monday. Spaziani had three years remaining on his original contract."

So we canned Spaz with 3 years to go. I think Daz has 5 years to go and, plus, he gets a much bigger paycheck than Spaz. so it will be much tougher for cheapo Jesuits to do.

Hoib said...

The ND game will be this years bowl game.

Big Jack Krack said...